World Cup ticket scandal: Report completed, Lekjaâ promises heavy penalties

In Morocco, everyone was waiting for the outcome of the 2022 World Cup ticket scandal in Qatar. An investigation was even launched in this direction to elucidate the supporters of this affair.

This Wednesday, March 8, during the press conference held at the end of the Government Council, Faouzi Lakjaa, president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), declared having received a report which identifies all the imbalances which have characterized the process of selling tickets for national team matches during the 2022 World Cup. He underlines.

During the same press conference in Rabat, the president of the FRMF that the abuses were recorded among individuals accustomed to this type of exploitative activity, even in the circumstances of the crisis, indicating that investigations are always underway in this regard.

The official in charge of football affairs in Morocco indicated that the circles concerned by the imbalances at the level of the tickets of the world are unexpectedly very widened, stressing that all the results will be published in the next stages, and that all the announced procedures will be oriented to put an end to the sporting career of those involved, in addition to legal proceedings.

The matches of the Atlas Lions at the 2022 World Cup, especially after their passage to the second round, have witnessed boiling. Several supporters who traveled to Qatar to support the national team were faced with the unavailability of tickets in addition to the black market where they were sold at exorbitant prices.

Hundreds of Moroccan citizens in Qatar protested the lack of tickets, accusing FRMF officials of falsifying and selling them. This even prompted the Qatari authorities to stop flights from Morocco to Doha.

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