when Samsung makes its users get the moon

Samsung, which is constantly multiplying advertisements to promote its objective (Space Zoom) of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and its ability to “hit the moon” is accused of deception by users of its phones.

Indeed, the moon photos taken with the “Space Zoom” function of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra had impressed when this tool was launched. It must be said that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has an extremely powerful camera system. One of them, can offer 100x zoom level, created by 3x and 10x telephoto lenses augmented with AI-assisted digital zoom and offers Super Resolution technology. Also, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s telephoto lenses can capture clear images of distant objects.

But does it actually work as advertised? Unfortunately, it turned out, as some fools suspected, that the feature was nothing more than an artificial intelligence (AI) trick. This has outraged some Samsung users, after they discovered that their smartphone’s “Space Zoom” uses artificial intelligence techniques to improve photos. At least, that’s what a Reddit user concluded after an “extensive” investigation to prove the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Super Zoom feature fake.

The user tested the effect by himself. To do this, the Redditor uploaded a high resolution image of the moon and scaled it down to 170 by 170 resolution. Then the user applied a Gaussian blur, erasing all final surface detail. Placing the low-resolution blurry photo of the moon on a monitor, the user walked across the room.

While remote, the Redditor clicked on an edited photo of the moon with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone performed some processing and offered a much more detailed image than the image on the monitor, showing craters and surface detail, which were not originally visible. The clarity of the final image is only at a high level because of the software shenanigans.

The Samsung company, ashamed and confused, like the raven in the fable, swore, but a bit late, that they wouldn’t be caught. She replied, acknowledging that she was indeed using artificial intelligence, because it’s very easy to tune the camera to take beautiful pictures of the moon. Since fans of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, sing in chorus this tune of Indochina, without the sun knowing it, “I asked the moon if you still wanted me, she said, I’m not used to dealing with cases like that“.

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