WhatsApp is committed to complying with consumer protection rules

The instant messaging application WhatsApp has pledged to comply with European Union (EU) consumer protection rules, by being more transparent about changes to its terms of use, the European Commission announced on Monday.

The WhatsApp company will make it easier for users to reject updates when they disagree with them, and will clearly explain when such a rejection causes the user to no longer be able to use the app’s services, a the Commission said in a press release.

Additionally, WhatsApp confirmed that users’ personal data is not shared with third parties or other Meta Group companies – including Facebook – for advertising purposes, the statement noted, adding that these commitments come as a result of dialogue with EU consumer protection authorities and the European Commission (CPC network).

The dialogue, facilitated by the Commission, was coordinated by the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Quoted in the statement, the Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, welcomed “WhatsApp’s commitments to modify its practices to comply with EU rules, to actively inform users of any changes to their contract and to respect their choice instead of asking them each time they open the app”.

Consumers have the right to understand what they agree to and what that choice actually entails, so they can decide if they want to continue using the platform, he added.

The Consumer Protection Cooperation (CPC) is a network of authorities responsible for the application of European consumer protection legislation. To solve cross-border problems, their actions are coordinated at EU level.

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