UNAF U20 Women's Foot-Tournament: Morocco crowned champion

The Moroccan women’s under-20 football team won the North African Union tournament in the category played in Tunisia, after beating their Egyptian counterpart (1-0) on Saturday in a match counting for the 3rd and last day of the tournament.

The Moroccan goal was the work of Noura Nouhili in the 80th +2.

The Lionesses of the Atlas, who did most of this Saturday, had to wait for the outcome of the final match of the competition, to finally see themselves crowned at the expense of Algeria, on goal difference.

The Algerians won this afternoon against the host country, Tunisia, 4-2.

Indeed, before this last day, three selections presented themselves at the top of the ranking tied with 4 points each and claimed the title. Morocco, Algeria and Egypt had to be decided, but first they had to emerge victorious and then wait for the result of the final confrontation.

The Moroccans therefore finished first with 7 points and a favorable goal average compared to the Algerians (2nd with 7 points). Egypt is third with 4 points, while Tunisia brings up the rear with a point counter stuck at zero.

Also today, the protégés of Frenchman Anthony Rimasson pulled out all the stops in front of Egypt, delivering a performance worthy of the greatest nations of women’s football.

In the first as in the second half, Moroccan opportunities flowed from all sides and Hajer Said’s teammates revealed an even better face than that of the match played Thursday against Tunisia.

Rimasson, who had to deal with the workforce at his disposal to ensure turnover given the tight schedule, had managed to deploy the right cards at the right times.

This afternoon, the entry into play of Noura Nouhili and Nouheila Titi did not fail to further boost the game of the Atlas lionesses, who had nevertheless sinned by a great lack of lucidity in front of the cages of a good Tunisian goalkeeper.

And even by resigning herself to distant shots, like Kawtar Ayet Omar’s missile in the 46th, the Egyptian doorwoman Habiba Sabri always responded.

Opposite, the protégés of Abdelfattah Abbes seemed resigned to defending as a whole to avoid minimizing the dangerousness of Moroccan opportunities.

The Egyptian coach launched Malek Adel in place of Leila Mohamed to try to break through the Moroccan defense, the strongest of the tournament. And the last ten minutes of the match marked the awakening of the Egyptians who, in a burst of pride, managed to find resources to try to change the situation.

We had to wait for stoppage time to see Noura Nouhili in the 80th +2 knocked out the Egyptians with a nice volley from close range on an opening by Nadia Bousseta. A golden goal that had been synonymous with coronation.

As a reminder, the Lionesses had started the competition with a draw against Algeria (1-1), before winning against Tunisia (3-0) and continuing with a second success at the expense of Egypt. (1-0).

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