Trade between Spain and Morocco increasingly flourishing

According to data from Spanish customs, in 2022 exports to Morocco recorded a new historical record, reaching a value of 11,748 million euros, 23.6% more than in 2021. when they were at 9,500 M euros.

Already in 2021, the Spanish embassy tells us in a document, bilateral trade had already exceeded the levels pre-pandemic. Indeed, exports to Morocco were 12.4% higher than those recorded in 2019 (the year before the pandemic).

Morocco was then Spain’s 9th client in 2022.With 3% of total exports, Morocco is Spain’s third largest market outside the EU, behind the United States and the United Kingdom and ahead of China, which receives 2.1% of Spanish exports. In 2022, Spanish imports from Morocco represented a value of 8,692 million euros, 19.1% more than in 2021. Morocco being in history the 13th supplier of Spain in 2022, with 1 9% of the total imported by Spain.

Regarding the first export and import sectors, the annual change rates of the most exported and imported items in 2022 compared to the previous year were as follows. As for the first four Moroccan imports, fuels and lubricants are in first position with 36.7% of the total volume followed by equipment, components and automotive accessories 26.4%, fabrics for clothing 19.8% and Electrical Equipment 18%. As for exports, they are as follows: electrical equipment 20.8%, women’s clothing 17.3%, automotive equipment, components and accessories 23.8% and molluscs and crustaceans and invertebrates frozen, dried or in brine -6.4%

The Spanish trade coverage rate with Morocco has shown a downward trend in the four years between 2017 and 2020, reflecting a growing balance in bilateral trade and giving an idea of ​​a certain complementarity of trade flows between the two countries. In 2017, this rate stood at 127.55%, in 2018 at 122.86%, in 2019 it fell to 122.55% and in 2020 it fell to 116%. The sharp drop in the coverage rate in 2020 reflects the fact that Moroccan exports to Spain, particularly agricultural exports, suffered less from the impact of COVID than imports.

In the last two years, 2021 and 2022, Spanish exports to Morocco have grown at a faster rate than flows in the opposite direction. Thus, the downward trend in the coverage rate was reversed, which fell to 130.12% in 2021 and reached 135% in 2022.

In 2022, 18,673 Spanish companies exported to Morocco, i.e. 5.8% more than in 2021. Of this number, 33.6%, i.e. 6,274 companies are regular exporters (exporters having made sales during of the reference period and during the previous 3 years) are considered regular.

According to the latest data available from the Office des Changes (January – September 2022), Spain was the leading supplier of goods and services to Morocco, with an import market share of 14%. It is followed by China (10.4%), France (10.36%), the United States (7.36%) and Saudi Arabia (6.41%). Regarding the figures for 2021 (15.7% quota), Spain has lost almost two percentage points of quota in nine months. Spanish exports having increased more slowly than Morocco’s total import (in dirhams, Morocco’s total import in 2022 increased to almost 40%).

Similarly, Spain was Morocco’s largest commercial customer, receiving 19.9% ​​of its total exports. France also stands out as the second destination for Moroccan exports, with a percentage of 19%. They complete the list of top five export destinations India (6.27%), Brazil (5.11%) and Italy (4.17%).

According to the latest data available from the Eurostat source, in 2022 EU exports to Morocco reached 30,509 M Euros, which is 21.44% more than in 2021. In the opposite direction , US imports from Morocco reached 20,501 million euros, or 13.92% more than the previous year.

As for market shares, the latest data from the Office des Changes covering the period January-September 2022, 44% of Moroccan imports came from the EU. Between January and September 2022, 56% of Moroccan exports were destined for the EU. The commercial coverage rate with 2022 data (source Eurostat) stands at 148.82%, up 6.6% compared to that recorded in 2021, which was 139.6%.

In total EU exports to Morocco, Spain occupies the first position from January to November 2022, with 38% of the total, followed by France with 19.2%, Italy with 8.9% , Germany with 8.7% and finally the Netherlands with 5.6% of total EU exports.

As for imports from the EU of Moroccan origin, Spain retains first place for nine consecutive years. Spain imported more than a third of the total EU, with 39.6% during the period from January to November 2022. France maintained second place with 28.3% of total EU imports. EU, Italy 7.9%, Germany 4.8% and Belgium 4.5%.

Between January and November 2022, Spain and France accounted for 67.9% of EU imports originating in Morocco and 57.2% of EU exports. A strong impact of geographical proximity and bilateral relations of Morocco on its foreign trade is observed.

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