The unsuccessful candidates call for the dismissal of Ouahbi

While a party had just suspended a hunger strike, the Coordination of candidates not admitted to the written examination for access to the profession of lawyer observed a walkout on Sunday afternoon after the announcement by the Ministry of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, of the results of the oral exams for the bar exam which ended on Saturday 4 March.

They were about fifty members of the Coordination to demonstrate Sunday afternoon in front of the Parliament in Rabat, demanding the opening of an investigation into the results of the written examination for access to the profession of lawyer, and refusing the rapid announcement of the results of the oral examination carried out a few days ago.

Thus, the demonstrators have brandished slogans criticizing “the confusion of the Minister of Justice in the management of their file” since the outbreak of the controversy qualifying the written examination of the bar as ” farce and theatrical play »thus listing “ formal and procedural violations” who marred this ordeal.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsRahima Braj, an exam candidate who participated in the protest, said that “ the sit-in organized in front of the Parliament is nothing but a continuation and an incarnation of the way and of a program of struggle elaborated by the Coordination of the victims of the examination of aptitude for the exercise of the legal profession emphasizing that the hasty announcement of the oral exam results will not defeat them or discourage them from continuing to challenge the exam in its entirety, “ since he was affected by one of the defects of cancellation, namely the abuse of power “, she clarified.

Regarding the hunger strike started by some candidates for the exam, Rahima stressed that the initiative of his candidates was approved by the Coordination, but the intransigence of the supervisory ministry and its inability to find a radical solution will push them to start an open strike by the hundreds.

If indeed our case really interests the Minister of Justice and his officials, a dialogue is supposed to be opened immediately with our demands, formally and legally, without mentioning a two-week deadline. “, estimated the demonstrator, recalling that” demands are fair, and uncompromising, represented by quashing the entire review, firing the minister and holding him accountable, and launching an urgent investigation “, she said, raising her voice.

For her part, Asmaa Al Hazzam, one of the hunger strikers, spoke of the ” feeling of shock ” that she has experienced since the start of the affair, noting in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews that “ his soul is threatened with death after his hunger strike “, describing the speech on” the opening of a dialogue with them with guarantees ” like a “ laughing stock and a suspicious negotiation “.

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