The "Moroccan Digital Awards" close the 5th edition of ADS

The 5th edition of the African Digital Summit drew to a close on Friday evening, closing with a “Moroccan Digital Awards” award ceremony, a privileged moment to reward the best initiatives and help strengthen creativity and competitiveness in the Moroccan digital market.

The “Moroccan Digital Awards” (MDA) aim to reward advertisers and brands that stand out in the digital field in Morocco and aim to strengthen competitiveness in the digital market and promote excellence in practices.

A jury of professionals, experts and opinion leaders, chaired by Salim Cheikh, Managing Director of Soread 2M, studied the various applications in order to distinguish the winners. In addition, the assessment criteria focused on the strategic approach, creativity, innovation, implementation and efficiency. This competition saw a total of 174 submissions, 120 of them filtered out.

In addition, seven categories were included in the awards, including “Best Digital Advertising and Media Campaign” (32 submissions), “Best Branded Content/Creativity Campaign” (20 submissions), “Best Social Media and Engagement” (21 submissions), “Best Use of Big Data, Analytics and CRM” (7 submissions), “Best Phygital Campaign” (6 submissions), “Best Digital Innovation” (12 submissions) and “Most Engaged Campaign” (12 submissions).

“Best Digital Advertising and Media campaign” is the prize for digital devices that have made the best use of their digital presence to successfully launch, reposition or create content, in all cases in the service of Brand Building.

Three prizes were awarded in this category. “Pepsi Black” by Pepsi Co and Brand Builder won the best prize, followed by the “L’BANKALIK” campaign by Attijariwafa Bank and the Saga agency, then by “Flash Ok Ok” in third position.

As for the “Best Brand content or creativity campaign”, the prize for the best “Brand content” campaign using creativity and benefiting from the best sympathy score. This prize is based in particular on three criteria, namely the strategic relevance of the messages, the consistency with the values ​​of the brand and the creative idea and its execution.

Oland Group’s “Say Cheese / Farmejha” campaign and MashUp secured first position, while “Challenge Orange Tik Tok” and “Casaway” campaigns won second and third position, respectively.

In this category, “Best Social Media & engagement campaign”, the jury paid attention to the ability to create interaction with the public via social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). The three campaigns selected are thus, “Art Is Ana” from Maison de l’Artisanat and the Saga agency in 1st position, “Collaboration with influencer Isma├»l Sefrioui” from Inwi and Gear9 in second place and “Pour la Vie” from NARSA and Public Event Prod x MAGNA in third place.

Digital performance also involves the ‘basics’: the performance of a well-made site or a well-thought-out application are real assets for a brand or an institution. In this sense, the jury awarded the “Digital Transformation” campaign by Toyota and Gear9 as the best in the “Best use of data, analytics & CRM” category, ahead of “Social Listening Platform” by Maroc Telecom and Archipel.

Regarding the “Best Phygital Campaign”, the amplification of the web via the non-web or the reverse should be the holy grail for all marketers. Thus, the operation which was able to amplify the multi-channel presence is the “Nt7erko o nektachfo” campaign of the MDJS and W5 Media.

Beyond the previous categories, the device that has shown unparalleled creativity in digital innovation is INWI’s “WIN” campaign which tops the ranking, followed by “Matching 4K” by ReKrute and “Khadamat Narsa and Narsa TV” by NARSA.

Finally, the “Most engaged campaign” category, devoted to the actions of brands, organizations or initiatives with a committed reach and which have designed digital campaigns to make their voice heard, was won by “The Choice” from Orange and PandoraBox. , with “Dir Iddik” from INWI and Saga Com in second position and “Khatwat Khir” from Orange in third.

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