Strengthening FIFA skills at the workshop center in Salé

Workshops focused on strengthening FIFA’s skills began on Monday at the Mohammed VI Football Sports Complex in Maâmoura (near Salé), with the participation of technical directors from 22 countries.

Co-organized from March 6 to 10 by FIFA and the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), these workshops are placed under the key theme of “The development strategy and approach to strengthening FIFA’s skills”.

This theme will be declined through several sessions which will address in particular “the function and responsibilities of the Technical Director”, “the establishment of partnerships and exchanges of expertise and objectives” or even “Project Management”.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the president of the FRMF, Fouzi Lekjaa stressed that these workshops take place at the Mohammed VI football sports complex, which is the result of a Royal commitment for the benefit of youth, with the objective of make it a center of excellence contributing to the development of football at continental level.

Mr. Lekjaa presented, on this occasion, Morocco’s vision for the development of football, which is based on infrastructure, institutional reform and the development of the human element, specifying that these axes are combined, in particular, through the provision of sports facilities to young people throughout Morocco, the transformation of football clubs into limited companies and work focused on the development of skills.

In this regard, he said that for them to be effective, policies at the top must find the relay at the base, highlighting the importance of common denominators for the sustainability and sustainability of performance.

Supervised by FIFA consultants and experts, these Workshops will be marked by the presentation of the long-term projects of twenty-two National Associations that are members of the international football body.

These Associations will present, through their respective General Secretaries, the long-term projects they are carrying out.

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