Sanctioned "contract workers" intend to take legal action

The showdown between the Ministry of National Education and the teachers recruited by contract from the AREF continues. Refusing to integrate students’ grades into the system ” Masar »as a gesture of protest, and calling again and again for their immediate integration into the public service, the so-called contractual teachers had observed a national strike on February 22 and 23 because of the administrative sanctions decided against them by their supervision.

Today, more than 450 teachers at the national level recruited by contract from the AREF (Regional Academy of Education and Training) risk being suspended from their duties and referred to disciplinary councils for having refused to integrate student grades in the system Masar ».

Thus, a significant number of these contract workers, executives of the regional academies of education and training professions, have received warnings and notices of suspension, while others have been summoned before disciplinary councils where decisions will be taken against them.

Some of the teachers affected by these sanctions noted that “ these disciplinary councils are illegitimate”given that the contractual teacher has the title “ trainee teacher, who has not yet passed the professional qualification “.

This category of teachers has no representation in the disciplinary councils, since the elections of the commissions of the executives of the AREFs did not take place as stipulated in the statute of the executives of the AREFs, they argued.

According to information collected by MoroccoLatestNews with the teachers referred to the disciplinary council, the hierarchy by the administrative scale was not respected, or even via secure mail, or through a bailiff, not to mention the non-respect of the 48-hour period between the date of the warning and the date of the stoppage.

In its last press release, dated February 19, the Coordination of teachers who are victims of recruitment by contract with the AREFs, announced the suspension of the boycott movement of the system ” Masar”, before being surprised by the administrative sanctions against its members and their summons to the disciplinary council.

A source within the Coordination told MoroccoLatestNews that a certain number of teachers have individually decided to appeal to the administrative tribunal to contest the decisions of the disciplinary councils, revealing that the Coordination has not adopted, for the moment, any official collective position in this respect.

Often, the disciplinary councils in question issue decisions suspending the teacher, and therefore deprivation of salary for a determined period, which excludes any other decision, such as dismissal. Sanctions which have already been applied before to graduate teachers in 2012, after having launched a strike for a long period, which earned them a deduction from their salary for 15 days and also seniority.

But the AREFs seem to have ruled out taking harsh decisions against the striking teachers, in order to avoid a worsening of the situation in the education sector, which has already been going through a zone of turbulence for years. because of the strikes, not to mention the difficulty of compensating the teachers in the event that it were decided to lay off some of them.

For its part, the Ministry of National Education seeks to avoid any congestion in the sector, and its impact on the functioning of the evaluation system for the second semester. A situation that does not benefit anyone, according to a source from the National Coordination of so-called contractual teachers, in particular the students who have lost a lot in this showdown.

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