Refusing recruitment by contract, student nurses protest

They were more than a hundred future nurses to demonstrate this Saturday, March 4 in front of Parliament Flap. They refuse what they called ” contract recruitment plan in a key sector such as health, and denounce the attempt to privatize the sector, calling on the government to open a dialogue and respond to their grievances.

“Called heroes, treated like zeros”, “the country does not care about us”, “Contract recruitment violates the nurse’s constitutional right and destroys the future of the citizen’s health”, are some slogans brandished by nursing students in front of the hemicycle in Rabat to convey their message to the Executive. Which refuses this mode of recruitment, which has been applied before in the education sector, following a wave of protests and dysfunctions.

At the microphone of MoroccoLatestNewsHamza Bassam, nurse practitioner at the Hassan II University Hospital Center (CHU) in Fez, confirmed that “ the decent in the street of the National Coordination of Student Nursing, testifies to the tension which reigns within this category which refuses any form of contractualization “.

On the other hand, the young nurse recorded with regret the absence of compensation for the benefit of nurses in training in public hospitals, in addition to the night shifts that they operate free of charge.

In this sense, the demonstrators demanded that the Ministry of Health approve a salary for the benefit of practicing nurses of 8,000 dirhams instead of the 6,000 dirhams currently in force.

For her part, Lamia, a second-year student at the Institute of Nursing in Taza, criticized “overcrowding in some hospitals caused by students from private institutess”, noting that“Consequently, public sector nurses do not find training opportunities within these structures”.

According to this young nursing student, “ students from the public sector are supposed to benefit from two thirds of the places allocated to trainees, against one third for students from the private sector”. “But the reality is quite different,” she laments.

On the other hand, the members of the Coordination Committee refuse to integrate students from the private sector, ” in view of the level and quality of training which are different from those of public sector establishments “.

According to Hamza Bassam, “ a public sector nurse passes the baccalaureate exams and obtains the higher grades required by public institutes “, a condition that is not required in private institutes where students pay to integrate them.

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