New mobilization day on March 23

The mobilization against the pension reform project continues with a new day of strikes and demonstrations announced by the unions for Thursday, March 23.

After the use of 49.3 this Thursday by the government to pass the pension reform, the inter-union called, during a press conference, for this new day of mobilization which will be the ninth since the start of the protest movement against Emmanuel Macron’s controversial government project.

Unions are also calling for rallies this weekend. “The intersyndicale continues to demand the withdrawal of this reform, in complete independence, in calm and determined actions. It decides to continue the mobilization and calls for local union rallies this weekend and for a new big day of strikes and demonstrations on Thursday March 23, ”underlines the inter-union in a press release.

She also spoke of a “true denial of democracy” after the use of this article 49.3 of the Constitution by the government.

The Head of Government, Elisabeth Borne, drew the weapon of 49.3 to have the much-contested pension reform adopted by the National Assembly without a vote. A decision announced under the boos of the deputies of the opposition.

Demonstrations took place in the wake of several cities in France to protest against the reform, which provides in particular for the decline of the retirement age from 62 to 64 years, and the outbreak of 49.3, demonstrations sometimes enamelled with tensions at the start of the evening.

In the afternoon, thousands of demonstrators gathered at the call of the unions not far from the National Assembly where Ms. Borne triggered Article 49.3. According to the police headquarters, the police went into action. These interventions caused major crowd movements in the square.

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