New fundraising of 2.5 MDH from the Akwa group and, two start-ups specializing in mobility and last-mile delivery, have announced that they have raised 2.5 million dirhams from Afrimobility, Akwa Group’s Venture Capital fund. .

This new fundraising intended to finance the development of activities testifies to the confidence of Afrimobility, Venture Capital fund of the Akwa group, specialized in the implementation and development in Morocco of innovative projects related to the mobility of tomorrow, in the potential of the company, both in the business of transporting people and in that of transporting goods, specify the start-ups in a press release.

Indeed, 2022 saw the return to growth of passenger transport activities (, whose turnover exceeded that of 2019, the reference year. As regards the goods transport activity (, it experienced sustained development through the signing of contracts with leading customers at the national level. The funds will thus be used to strengthen the presence of two brands across Morocco, by expanding their fleet and improving the digital tools developed internally by their teams.

The Managing Director of and, Zakaria Affi, says: “ We are very happy with this fundraising which will allow us to continue our development and strengthen our presence on the Moroccan market. The satisfaction of our customers is our first motivation and we are determined to continue to offer quality services to our users.“.

Remember that was co-founded in 2014 by Ismaël Belkhayat and Jawad Ziyat. It was first launched in Casablanca before extending its activity to several other Moroccan cities, offering vehicles with driver, accessible through an online booking platform and a call center, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 7. is, for its part, a service derived from the project which takes advantage of the functionalities of this application to create a delivery network. Its delivery service for E-commerce includes parcel collection through to final delivery, based on four fundamental pillars and complementary ecosystems: expertise in route optimization, team training, digitization of process and scalability including in terms of vehicles.

These are also the reasons why Afrimobility, the Venture Capital fund of the Akwa group, took an interest in the two start-ups. Note that Afrimobility’s guideline is to invest in disruptive solutions. As such, the company supports several innovative Moroccan startups with high potential. In addition, on the electric mobility side, Afrimobility is the first player to set up in 2021 such a dense network of fast electric charging stations in Morocco for electric vehicles, through its established FastVolt brand.

More than an investment company, Afrimobility is a company that creates value and supports innovative and structuring projects. Whether on its own or in a joint venture, Afrimobility is constantly looking for opportunities to advance mobility in Morocco.

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