Morocco, a champion of influence

Morocco, a champion of influence

Their presence is massive on social networks. They inform, influence and are sometimes the source of many controversies. Content creators in Morocco exist in all colors, including fashion, humor, cuisine or even technology and sport.

They share their passion on the web, et succeed in drawing a remuneration which is not subject to any tax audit. According to the Moroccan agency Influencia, specializing in influencer marketing consulting, Morocco now has 60,000 influencers, compared to just 1,400 in 2018.

It is the Maghreb country that has the most, far ahead of Tunisia and Algeria. “The craze for content creation quickly spread from Morocco a champion in influence in the Maghreb”.

The marketing strategy specialist, Othman Ouazzani, estimates the weight of the influence sector in Morocco at 3 billion dirhams. For their marketing campaigns, the most popular influencers can receive remuneration ranging from 3,000 to 100,000 dirhams.

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