Guterres calls for an end to the 'poison of hatred' towards Muslims

In a message marking the International Day Against Islamophobia, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for action to end the “poison of hatred” against Muslims.

“The nearly 2 billion Muslims living on the planet are a reflection of humanity in all its magnificent diversity. However, they are often the target of bigotry and prejudice for no other reason than their religion”, underlined Mr. Guterres, noting that in addition to the structural and institutional discrimination and the general stigmatization which their communities suffer, the Muslims, taken as scapegoats , are the target of personal attacks and hate speech.

He noted that the triple discrimination to which Muslim women are subjected because of their sex, their ethnicity and their faith is one of the worst consequences, specifying that this growing hatred is part of the resurgence of ethnonationalism, neo-Nazi white supremacist ideologies and violence directed against vulnerable populations, “including Muslims, Jews, certain minority Christian communities”.

To remedy this situation, the UN chief insisted on the need to “strengthen our defenses by promoting policies that fully respect human rights and protect religious and cultural identities”.

“We must accept that diversity is wealth and invest much more resolutely, politically, culturally and economically, in social cohesion,” he said, calling for the fight against sectarianism and the hatred that is spreading. like wildfire on the Internet.

Guterres further pointed out that for more than a millennium, the message of peace, compassion and kindness that Islam spreads has inspired people all over the world, noting that all major religions and traditions invoke the imperatives of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding.

“In essence, these values ​​are universal: they animate the Charter of the United Nations and are at the heart of our quest for justice, respect for human rights and peace”, he indicated on the occasion of this celebrated day. March 15.

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