Chariot announces the completion of its FEED at the offshore "Lixus"

UK-based oil and gas exploration company Chariot Limited has announced the completion of engineering and initial design (FEED) for its flagship gas development project, Anchois, located in the “ Lixus” offshore.

Chariot disclosed in a statement on Wednesday that the FEED for the development of Anchois was launched in June 2022, in conjunction with the underground development studies. This work confirms the different components of the initial development.

These components include three initial subsea producing wells, including the Anchois-2 well drilled by Chariot in 2022, with multi-zone completions to enable gas recovery through multiple sand stacks, subsea infrastructure (SURF and SPS) capable to convey the hydrocarbons produced by the wells to onshore installations via a subsea pipeline and to control the wells via an umbilical, with future extension capacities to connect additional wells.

Added to this is an underwater production infrastructure for the production of hydrocarbons. additional wells, a central onshore processing facility (CPF) to process hydrocarbons and deliver processed gas and condensates to market, with an initial capacity of 105 mmscfd.

One of the components cited by the British company is the onshore pipeline to deliver gas to anchor gas buyers via the Maghreb Europe (GME) Gas Pipeline, for which a connection agreement has already been signed.

Chariot advises that engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) commercial proposals have been requested. In addition to the detailed preliminary design study, other technical work has progressed in parallel, with a view to obtaining the development authorization, in particular the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) , for which basic environmental studies on land and at sea have already been carried out.

This work includes, on the other hand, the field development plan (FDP) which is being finalized by the joint venture Lixus to allow the award of the production concession, in addition to the planning of the drilling of development which is also underway and may allow the potential of an additional 754 bcf of prospective 2U gas resources to be assessed at minimal additional cost.

The identified targets have independently assessed geological hit chances (Pg) ranging from 49 to 61 percent, the company said.

The general manager of the company, Adonis Pouroulis, underlined in this sense that the company has made excellent progress in all aspects of this development project of Anchois, adding that detailed discussions on the partnership, the agreements of Gas sales and project financing are continuing simultaneously. “We are heading towards the final investment decision”he added.

According to him, ” the conclusion of the FEED stage, carried out in large part by the Subsea Integration Alliance (SIA), is an important step in defining the initial development plan for the delivery of gas to our customers”.

“In conjunction with the field development plan and environmental and social impact assessment work completed to date, we have further strengthened the viability and commercial potential of the development based on the excellence of its reservoirs and its gas properties, its favorable location in relation to existing infrastructure and the possibility of taking advantage of existing conventional technology“, he further underlined.

And to ensure that the company will remain fully focused on the development of the Anchois project until the start of gas production, so as to continually increase the resources and the scale of the project to help unlock the potential of the basin in its license area.

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