Alsa invests in raising awareness and training young people

Committed to its community, the Alsa group invests in raising awareness and road education for young people, by organizing training to develop children’s skills and attitudes of respect for basic traffic rules.

Through this project, Alsa, in partnership with NARSA and the Abdelmalek Essadi school, aims to contribute to the animation and management of awareness and training projects in the field of road safety and the preservation of traffic accidents. the circulation.

Thus, the group invited the press, on March 15, to a tour of its road safety education circuit for young children in Marrakech. The security school, ooperational throughout the year, is aimed at children from all schools in the city and interested institutions such as orphanages. It is for Alsa to participate in the creation of good habits and to make the youngest acquire the right behaviors adapted to the daily life of road users.

The training is organized in three stages, the first of which is based on theoretical courses given by professionals, the second focused on applied training and the last is in the form of a final test in order to assess the degree of assimilation.

For Alberto Perez Managing Director of Alsa Morocco, “Security has always been one of our priorities at Alsa. This is why we invest a lot in the training of our employees as well as in that of citizens. Moreover, we recently devoted several weeks, in particular, to raising awareness and training young people”.

“In this way, we help children develop skills and attitudes of observation and respect for basic traffic rules. The goal is to create awareness among them. As a responsible company, we have an important role to play in the education of children on the road”, he added.

It should be noted that as part of the weeks devoted to safety during the month of February, Alsa has implemented several actions in the six cities where the company is present. These are Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca, Khouribga, Agadir and Tangier. Thanks to these awareness-raising and learning actions, the group has set itself the objective of leading the child towards his responsibilities in order to live his citizenship.

In Marrakech, several awareness-raising and animation activities took place at the Alsa security school, which has trained more than 8,000 children and adolescents since 2019. This action has also made it possible to see the results of this school and discuss in particular the actions to be taken in the field.

In Agadir, Alsa’s security service organized awareness campaigns on compliance with safety standards and the highway code. Without forgetting the prevention of accident risks and the misdeeds of bus vandalism. These campaigns have benefited primary school students in the greater Agadir region.

In addition, an awareness campaign was held at Place Inezgane and others at Salam Agadir Primary School with 60 beneficiaries, Soukaina Bent Alhoussain Agadir Primary School with 40 beneficiaries and Ahmed Chawki College with 60 beneficiaries. .

In the city of Rabat, about sixty students from the Ibn Al Bannae private school and their supervisors were received at the Temara depot on the occasion of road safety day. During the visit, which took place in the presence of Mustapha Ladiki, regional director of NARSA-RSK, the students had the opportunity to discover the production process of the various services with explanations of the procedures, operation, maintenance, training, among others.

Alsa Al Baida notably organized weekly focus groups by profession in Casablanca. Focus groups are an opportunity to discuss any difficulties in the job, ask questions, propose solutions, improvements or ideas. Training was also given to students from 14 schools that are part of the circuit of 7afilat Al Ma3rifa, the initiative to encourage reading, carried out in partnership with Association des Bénévoles Al Amal.

For its part, Alsa in Tangier has organized road safety awareness sessions in primary and college schools. The opportunity to educate young people on the value of safety through an awareness campaign. As for Khouribga, Alsa has extended this same campaign to primary school children.

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