Algeria's third man threatens Morocco

In Algeria, the declarations of the director of the Royal Archives, Bahija Simou, on the subject of the Eastern Sahara are still causing a reaction. It was by passing to threats this time that one of the Algerian officials wanted to add fuel to the fire.

When Bahija Simou spoke at the MAP Forum to take stock of the documents and archives available to Morocco, she naturally spoke of the Eastern Sahara, originally Moroccan, which colonial France gave to ” French Algeria » thinking of continuing to keep the country under its domination.

“There are not only historical documents in the Royal Archives attesting to the sovereignty of Morocco over what is called in quotation marks “Western Sahara”, but also over Eastern Sahara”she said.

The region of Tindouf, high place of this region currently occupied by Algeria, is the one that the Algiers regime has chosen to accommodate the Sahrawi separatists of the Polisario and to set up camps there. A wise choice since in case of war and defeat of Algeria, the country would not lose anything in the end since the territory de facto returns to Morocco.

And in another scenario, if the Sahara conflict were to end with the creation of a Saharawi state, it could do so in this same region. Several Algerian opponents exiled abroad have already described the situation in the Tindouf region as “a state within a state”.

Despite factual information, in Algeria, the simple fact of mentioning the historical reality and the Moroccanness of the Eastern Sahara provoked blood reactions, going as far as threats.

The President of the House of Representatives, Brahim Boughali, spoke during a public session on this subject to launch direct threats against Morocco.

“The Makhzen regime is trying, as usual, to parasitize our country and sell its expansionist aims. I tell them that Algeria is protected by the blood of martyrs and is out of reach of the plotters and their relays.he said.“The National Liberation Army is ready to protect our borders”he threatened again.

This hateful comment by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the third strongman in the country at the level of the institutional hierarchy, reflects the hostile statements of Algerian personalities and officials of the country with regard to Morocco.

While Algeria deliberately annexed Moroccan Eastern Sahara and has been waging a fierce struggle since 1975 to annex Moroccan Western Sahara by financing and arming a separatist group, it is also Algeria who reverses the roles when it speaks of“expansionism” pointing to Morocco.

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