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After Oujda, an inmate kills himself in Ras El Maa

The administration of the local prison of Ras Al Maa in Fez, announced that a detainee convicted under the anti-terrorism law committed suicide on Wednesday in his cell.

The same source added that the suicide was carried out “using a piece of cloth, which he pulled out of his clothes, and tied it to the bedroom window.”

“Immediately after the discovery of the accident, the competent public prosecutor and the family of the deceased prisoner were informed of the death, in accordance with the provisions of the law regulating penitentiary establishments,” said a press release from the penitentiary administration received by MoroccoLatestNews. ,

This is the second announcement of suicide by an inmate in the space of two days. The first announcement concerned a similar incident involving an inmate of the local prison in Oujda sentenced to death in the case of the murder of two Scandinavian tourists in 2018, known by the “cell of chamharouch”.

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