Achraf Hakimi is stepping into the "news market"

In the name of freedom of expression, “Le Parisien” has once again chosen to attack these so-called masses of Muslims and Arabs through one of its best representatives, the Moroccan footballer from PSG Achraf Hakimi .

Without saying much other than to relate a news item which, moreover, remains to be verified, the Ile-de-France newspaper was quick to cry rape: ” A young woman went to the police station this weekend, where she said she had been raped by the Paris Saint-Germain player. She reportedly refused to file a complaint, but the prosecution took up the case on its own”.

We note that the authors of the committed paper do not use the conditional, they are affirmative of a fact that, at best, they would have been told. Suddenly, here are our Pavlovians of information and adulators of the war of civilizations par excellence who seize a case still in its egg.

And our two self-proclaimed philosophers of the pen, journalists Céline Carez and Laure Parny continue: “ ATGiven the seriousness of the facts and the notoriety of the alleged perpetrator, the judicial police officer on duty this Sunday immediately called his hierarchy, the staff of the police prefecture and the prosecutor’s office of Créteil (Val -de-Marne)”. Blablabla… He barely called the President of the French Republic.

In this case, if there is a case, no complaint has been filed against Achraf Hakimi. The young woman who would have incriminated the footballer and who would have testified on February 26 at the police station of Nogent-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne), would not have wished to initiate proceedings, being satisfied with a “declaration of rape “. Justice would have self-seized the case on reading the article.

It goes without saying that the media occupy an important place within societies, particularly Western ones, in particular because of the accessibility to information. The news market is inevitably affected by this in terms of the creation of the news precisely especially when it relates to facts surrounding social phenomena or, in the eyes of certain media, social problems. As a result, all the “shots” are then allowed.

This is the case of our two journalists who, ethically speaking, got it all wrong. They give the impression of having bitten the hand that would have given them freedom. After giving the info, on an alleged statement to the police, they tell the fact reluctantly and in detail, please, as if they were part of it. This false journalistic intelligence had, in fine, the exact opposite effect because they do not say from where or from whom they hold them. Yet these are the first principles of the profession.

That said, the file would be in the hands of the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office, which ” note would not like to communicate on this investigation”. No one has yet been heard by the investigators and the information already published would jeopardize the investigations necessary for the manifestation of the truth, he said to himself. Moreover, in the context of a simple “declaration”, the respondent would not have to be summoned to the police station. All that for that and Ave Mélenchon.

Unfortunately, the media in France whatever the event, especially when it relates to sex and, moreover, to a dark-skinned individual, we present the fact with the same sketches, the same shortcuts and the same analyses. The former colonizers therefore speak of their former natives no more and no less. It’s the same refrain since the occupier was asked to leave the “pre-square” forced into this by the thirst for freedoms of freed peoples.

Incidentally, without wanting to amalgamate the current tensions between France and Morocco and the Hakimi case, it is useful to recall that the alleged perpetrator of an act, if there was an act, which is obviously deplorable and reprehensible, was quickly designated, identified and pointed out even before the opening of the slightest investigation. We are witnessing the lexicon of the unstoppable argument. From now on, therefore, all those who venture even a little on the ground of criticism, disapproval or even simple and legitimate questioning are no longer admitted. Where is France going?

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