a criminal priority for the public prosecutor

AT the occasion of the academic day organized by the Public Ministry, under the theme “National Road Safety Strategy”, the King’s Attorney General at the Court of Cassation and President of the Public Ministry, Moulay El Hassan Daki in this case, affirmed, Monday in Rabat, that the fight against traffic accidents was among the priorities of criminal policy, the implementation of which he oversees.

Moulay El Hassan Daki considered that the study day, in which representatives of government sectors participated, “is a unique opportunity to diagnose and evaluate the national strategy system for road safety from the preventive aspect, in going through the regular and automatic control component, and ending with the judicial side. All this, in order to assess the strengths, fill in the gaps and monitor the difficulties and constraints faced by law enforcement authorities in practice, and try to find legal and realistic solutions.

Moulay El Hassan Daki explained that the execution of this criminal policy is done “by ensuring the implementation of all the strategic mechanisms for monitoring the application of the highway code and related texts, considering that respect for the Highway Code is an essential lever for the success of the policy aimed at reducing traffic accidents and sparing road users their socio-economic repercussions.

The Attorney General of the King at the Court of Cassation and President of the Public Ministry revealed on Monday that traffic accidents in Morocco kill 10 people daily and injure 250 others, thus leading to the death of more than 3,500 people each year. , and seriously injuring 12,000 others.

In view of these figures, it is noted that the cost of the economic and social sector is estimated at around 1.69% of GDP, or around 19.5 billion dirhams annually, at the rate of 3.19 million dirhams for each person. deceased, and 797,500 dirhams for each seriously injured person, according to the World Bank report for the year 2019.

According to Daki, in 2022 Moroccan courts recorded 183,508 traffic offense reports. 2,511 cases are linked to fatal accidents while 295 are linked to accidents resulting in permanent disability. The number of reports relating to fines reached 111,569, of which 23,928 related are assimilated to first-degree offences, indicating that at the level of electronic reports, 9,492 offenses and 770,860 fines were recorded.

Also, he added that in order to improve the effectiveness of the monitoring of the implementation of criminal policy in the area of ​​traffic and of the coordination with the other sectors concerned which oversee the management of road safety, the public ministry worked for the creation within it of a unit specialized in traffic issues.

Among the criminal policy priorities overseen by the Public Ministry, ensure the monitoring of all strategic mechanisms for monitoring the implementation of the requirements of the Highway Code and related regulatory texts in order to provide the judges of the Public Ministry with directives relevant to the optimal application of the law.

It will also ensure the proper application of the provisions of the code, which constitutes the essential lever of the national strategy for the success of public policy aimed at reducing traffic accidents, thus sparing road users from devastating social and economic damage.

Moulay El Hassan Daki noted that the Moroccan government has placed the road safety plan at the heart of its public policy. This is how the Executive has adopted a national strategy to reduce the scourge of traffic accidents, in which the public prosecutor plays a central role by supervising the implementation of criminal policy as well as the management public prosecutor’s policy.

As for the electronic processing of the minutes, Daki noted that as part of the monitoring of new generation radars installed on the roads, several coordination meetings were held with the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice. National Road Safety Agency (NARSA), in order to support the increase in the number of electronic reports and the monitoring of verdicts rendered.

The Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has worked to create a special unit for traffic issues at the level of the new structural organization of the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in accordance with Resolution No. 22/2021 of 31 December 2021 relating to the organization of the structures of the Department of the Presidency of the Public Ministry and defining its attributions”.

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