100 Moroccan craftswomen exhibit in Paris

A hundred hand-picked women craftswomen from Morocco exhibit a selection of prestige and excellence of handmade products, in a double event which takes place from February 28 to March 5, 2023 at the Boutique 10 SIGN Artisanat Paris, and from March 2 to 30 in the halls of the Ile de France Chamber of Arts and Crafts, in Paris.

This first exhibition of the Network of Craftswomen of Morocco, Refam Dar Maalma in Paris, which is held under the slogan ” Moroccan Craftswomen and Parisian Craftswomen, UNITED by EXCELLENCE! », is part of a partnership agreement concluded between the Moroccan NGO and the Chamber of Arts and Crafts of Paris. It is also part of a large series of exchanges between the two partners of Morocco and France.

The 100 Moroccan craftswomen selected will present during this double event which will take place in Paris during the month of March 2023, the excellence of the craftsmanship of the 12 regions of our country through a rigorous selection of the most beautiful pieces. of their achievement “says Fawzia Talout Meknassi, president of Refam Dar Maalma.

Diverse and varied embroideries, in the caftan, the jewel, the weaving, the carpet, the basket, trimmings, refined household linen, all this knowledge of craftsmanship held for centuries, transmitted and refined from generation to generation to women breathtakingly creative and who fight every day to improve their socio-economic condition.

This grandiose project is At the initiative of the Paris – Ile-de-France Association, for the Promotion of the Competition, this project represents the real ecosystem created around women craftspeople, craftsmen and craftsmen. excellence for a motivating international exchange », stresses for his part Franck Clère curator of the exhibition, APPCMOF Administrator and initiator of the project.

Thus, the 100 craftswomen selected have been supervised since 2012 by the prodigy of French fashion Eric Tibusch, honorary member and artistic director of Dar Maalma.

On the Moroccan side, it is the historical partners of Dar Maalma who carry the banner of women artisans. This is the oriental agency which has been making a considerable effort since 2008 to bring oriental craftswomen out of their isolation and to support them in order to put the knowledge they possess to good use. .

The second partner is the OCP, a key Moroccan player and a responsible corporate citizen that works through numerous projects to strengthen the situation of women and men.

The week of craftswomen of the Kingdom of Morocco in Paris is thus an opportunity to highlight what has been achieved in terms of the development of legal, economic and social rights and the empowerment of women in Morocco, thanks to the will and the personal involvement of King Mohammed VI, explains the Network in a press release.

At the end of this cooperation, we give our craftswomen the opportunity to exhibit their work in the prestigious CAM Paris boutique. This new opportunity will provide our -Maalmates- visibility to showcase their beautiful creations to an international target, at a time when Paris will be the fashion capital with the February 2023 fashion week. “explains the same source.

Refam Dar Maalma, the text recalls, is an NGO set up on May 30, 2008, under the effective presidency of Princess Lalla Meryem, who, as a committed Princess, continues to support and support the empowerment and economic rights of Moroccan women.

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