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The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and the AKDITAL Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of an Oncology Center in the Green City of Benguerir.

Two partnership agreements within the framework of the “Health Care City” have been signed which will allow the creation of the enclosure of the “Health Care City” by the Akdital group which will make it possible to administer care within the framework of chemotherapy protocols and of radiotherapy.

“We are delighted to work together to advance oncology research and care in the Green City of Benguerir and in the Kingdom of Morocco. Within the Health Care City of Benguerir we seek to develop a new model of organization and operation of medical activity based on innovation, excellence and a solid governance model. We ultimately aim to reproduce this model at the national and continental level”, declared Pr. Gabriel MALKA, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UM6P.

This project is an international oncology center that will allow the inhabitants of the region as well as all patients to benefit from care services that meet international standards in the field of oncology. Its technical platform will include gamma scintigraphy equipment and positron emission tomography (PET-scan).

The second agreement signed, this time between the hospital-university complex (CHU) of UM6P and the Oncology Center managed by the AKDITAL Group, relates to a partnership in the medical field (provision of reciprocal services between the CHU of the UM6P and the Oncology Center in the operating phase, in particular radiology, laboratory, resuscitation, medical care, etc. and the university and academic field.

It includes the training of medical and paramedical teams, student and doctoral internships in units belonging to the AKDITAL Group, in addition to exchanges of experience and research work in the field.

“UM6P and AKDITAL are convinced that this partnership will open new opportunities for university, academic and medical activities in the Green City of Benguerir. This partnership is a firm commitment to improve oncology care and to foster the training of the next generation of doctors and health professionals,” said Dr. Rochdi TALIB, CEO of the AKDITAL Group.

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