The plot of Algiers and Pretoria for the EU summit doomed to failure

The other senile next door, Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra, has been in Pretoria since last Monday and met Nalidi Pandor, South Africa’s Foreign Minister, there. Objective, to revive the chances of continued support for the Polisario Front internationally.

Both have tuned their violins as to perceptions regarding the issue of the Moroccan Sahara. This of course in “waiting for the reading of regional developments” by the two Algerian and South African presidents.

But let’s be reassured, our two zigotos and the badly elected Algerian president whose name is unpronounceable and the very corrupt Cyril Ramaphosa share the same obsession. It’s known ! It is linked to the defense of the thesis of secession. The two countries, neither more nor less, are working to undermine Morocco’s diplomatic efforts to guarantee its national identity and sovereignty. And for that, they pay who better and to the delight of lobbying in Europe, Africa and even the Americas.

South Africa, which recognized the ghostly SADR almost two decades ago, misses no opportunity to side with the senile regime in Algiers and adopt its positions. However, during the visit of the third senile from Algiers to Pretoria, the two parties agreed to strengthen their coordination in view of the next African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It’s a great battle in perspective that is coming up. With Morocco. But the Kingdom, strong in coordination with its traditional allied countries within the organs of the African Union, does not let it go.

Nabil Andaloussi analyst, professor-researcher and expert in international affairsnoted that “Moroccan diplomacy has made important achievements in the Moroccan Sahara issue, but relations between Rabat and Pretoria have not evolved positively due to the positions of the ruling party on the Moroccan Sahara issue, which amounts to a vacuum which must be filled by the Moroccan party“.

According to Andaloussi, despite the difficulties surrounding this file, the common economic interests between the two countries can play a role in bringing together points of view, underlining “the neutralization of South Africa in the current phase of the Algerian-Moroccan conflict “. He told MoroccoLatestNews that “lhe rapprochement between Algeria and South Africa and their agreement on the support of the separatist and polisario thesis is a question that has historical and ideological roots, so that we note that the constant in the political doctrine of the army in power in Algeria is hostile to Morocco and its regime“.

The analyst also indicated that “the ruling party in South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC), is one of the oldest liberation movements in Africa, and therefore the issue is linked to its strong ideological conviction, which believes in supporting liberation movements national, and the separatists are one of the liberation movements against colonialism“. The professor, a researcher in international relations, concluded that “This calls for diplomatic action on the part of Morocco to clarify the circumstances of the Sahara issue and the emergence of the Polisario as a separatist entity, and to correct the errors and illusions associated with this dossier.“.

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