The irrevocable gift of the Grand Théâtre Cervantès of Tangier in Morocco published in BO | MoroccoLatestNews French

The irrevocable donation of the Cervantes Grand Theater of Tangier by Spain to Morocco was published on Saturday in the Official State Bulletin.

Under an order, Morocco undertakes to restore the building in its entirety, respecting the original architecture, both of the facade and the interior, and preserving the original design of the theater .

The transferred property of the “Grand Théâtre Cervantès” will be part of the “Private Domain of the Moroccan State” and cannot be transferred to a third party.

This transfer was materialized by a protocol which, by its form and content, constitutes an international agreement.

Morocco undertakes, for this purpose, to bear all the costs of restoration, renovation, management and maintenance and to maintain the name of “Grand Théâtre Cervantès” and to preserve its symbolism and its history. .

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