The French Embassy calls not to go to intermediaries for Visas

The French Embassy in Rabat, announced the return to normal in the issuance of Visas and in the operation of its service provider, calling not to go to intermediaries.

French Ambassador Christophe Lecourtier and Consul General of France Sandrine Lelong-Motta assured that visa issuance services for France are operating normally and quickly, following Paris’ recent decision to roll back Visa restrictions for Moroccans.

“The political decisions that were taken in mid-December, ie a return to normal in terms of issuing visas for Moroccan nationals, are well implemented. Applicants are treated in the best possible way, both in terms of reception, and also in terms of speed and speed in issuing the permits they are applying for”, declared the French ambassador after a visit to the offices of the visa application processing agency.

In a statement received by MoroccoLatestNews, the embassy confirmed the lifting of travel restrictions. “The restrictive measures put in place since September 2021 by the French authorities have been completely lifted, and the objective is to return to normal activity which preceded the health crisis in 2020”, we are assured.

The diplomatic representation indicated that making an appointment was free of charge, and invited those wishing to obtain a visa to submit a complete file including all the documents appearing on the website.

As such, the Consul General of France in Rabat, Sandrine Lelong-Motta, insisted on not relying on intermediaries who demand substantial sums of money for an appointment, stating that “more than 800 appointments are open every day”, advising to go about 15 days before the departure date.

“In the northern zone which depends on the Consulate General of France in Rabat, more than 800 appointments are open every day. It is imperative to make your appointment, yourself, not to trust an intermediary or those famous pharmacies that are talked about a lot in the press, ”she said.

“The Consulate teams are hard at work to be able to deliver on time,” added the Consul, noting that there are different categories of Visa applicants, such as circulation visas or French spouses where the delivery is done.” really at D+1″.

Christophe Lecourtier, recalled that in 2022, despite the 50% restrictions that had been decided, “Morocco was the first beneficiary in North Africa and in Africa in general of visas issued by France. So we are already starting from a good level and I am certain that the political but also administrative conditions that we have already mentioned will make it possible to make 2023 a prosperous year”.

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