The Exhibition "Contemporary Art of Africa in Plural Feminine", from March 1 to 14

The exhibition

The Exhibition “Contemporary African Art in the plural feminine”, will be held from March 1 to 14 at the Bab Rouah Gallery in Rabat, as part of “Women contemporary artists of Africa” ​​(WCAA).

Initiated by the Arkane association, which campaigns in particular for the promotion of contemporary art in Africa and its diasporas, with the support of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, this exhibition will see the participation of more than twenty women artists from several African countries and diasporas, with a view to exhibiting their works created during an artistic residency which is currently taking place, at the initiative of the association.

On the menu of this cultural event, which is part of “Rabat, African Capital of Culture”, features “talks” around several themes, in particular “Contemporary art in the plural feminine”, “Viewpoints on the committed creation of women in Africa” and “Women in the legends of Africa”.

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