The details of the meeting between parents and the ambassador

As planned, the Ukrainian Embassy in Morocco held a meeting with the Association of Parents of Moroccan Students in Ukraine, at the headquarters of the Embassy in Rabat, in the presence of representatives of the Coordination of Moroccan Students in Ukraine and the Integration Unit for Moroccan students returning from Ukraine.

According to a student source who attended the meeting and confided in MoroccoLatestNewsthe agenda of the dialogue with the Ukrainian ambassador in Rabat ” was not limited only to the problem of the presence of students in Ukraine to take the Krok exam, but rather included several issues that have remained unresolved, despite the recent appointment of the Ukrainian diplomat to his post of ambassador since last January “.

In this regard, Amine Chebani Idrissi, a specialized medical student and one of the representatives of Moroccan students within the said coordination, raised the reaction ” positive response from the Ukrainian ambassador to Morocco in the face of the many problems raised by the coordination and association of parents of pupils”, emphasizing that “Ukraine must assume the consequences of the transformation of the school and university path of Moroccan students », which the Ambassador of Ukraine in Morocco has perfectly understood considering that his country must indeed find decent solutions for students, according to the same source.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsAmine Chebani said that “ the ambassador began to react through diplomatic channels through a request addressed to the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, in order to organize two meetings with each of the Ministries of Education Superior and Health in order to find suitable solutions for students and their files “.

There is a future vision for partnerships between Moroccan universities and their Ukrainian counterparts, starting from the next university season, especially for students whose residence permits have expired and need to be renewed, or who continue to study remotely. from Morocco “, specifies the same source.

Regarding the problem of passing the Krok exam, which is usually held between March and June of each year, the student representative mentioned ” the possibility of canceling it, like what happened last year “, stressing that nothing has yet been decided on this subject.

For their part, the parents of Moroccan students returning from Ukraine had already expressed their refusal to send their children to Ukraine to take this exam, due to the persistent conditions of the war which is entering its first year.

That said, the Krok exam is crucial to the success of third-year specialty medicine students and fifth-year students in pharmacy and dentistry specialties. It is canceled only by a central decision of an institution specializing in its organization independently of Ukrainian universities.

According to Abdelkader El Youssfi, head of the National Association of Parents of Moroccan Students in Ukraine, some exams are scheduled for the end of February, noting that ” Morocco’s acceptance of an electronic distance learning system in exchange for its commitment to provide on-the-job training to students in their various disciplines has made it easier for many students who have continued their studies from Morocco during this academic year, recalling that this is what was done for distance education during the pandemic.

Thus, the representative of Moroccan students in Ukraine stressed the need to specify that the 70% of students who would have failed the exams for access to Moroccan universities organized by the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education represent only 400 students who submitted their application to take the exam in Morocco depending on the places available, before concluding that “ the non-participation of the majority in the examination of the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education, was a voluntary choice of the students in the last year of training, who chose not to participate and to follow the courses remotely.e”, also commending the Ministries of Health and Higher Education for providing on-the-job training in all areas.

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