The CNSS disavows the false controllers

The National Social Security Fund (CNSS) has denounced two people who present themselves to different employers in the greater Casablanca region, posing as CNSS controllers with this usurped identity.

In a press release, the Caisse ensured that it ensured compliance with the proper application of the provisions of the social security legislation in force, through its inspection and control body.

To this end, she points out, standardized procedures have been put in place, and it is in this sense that the inspection and control missions, ordered by the CNSS, are carried out in a collegial manner. by several control and inspection agents headed by a main controller and/or the head of the control division, who must state their identities, present their professional cards and justify their mission by a mission order signed by their hierarchy.

Controllers and inspectors are sworn in and bound by professional secrecy, insists the CNSS.

In addition, and in order to allow affiliated companies to find out, in case of doubt, about the identity of control and inspection agents, the National Social Security Fund has made available to them a dedicated communication center which they can contact on

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