The CMDOH condemns the "discriminatory behavior" of European consulates in Morocco

Due to the continued denial of visas to Moroccans, the Moroccan Coalition of Human Rights Organizations (CMODH) sent a letter to the European Union mission denouncing ” discriminatory behavior adopted by some European consulates.

The Moroccan Coalition of Human Rights Organizations claimed to have received a number of complaints confirming a significant and sudden reduction in the quota for granting visas by some European consulates, in particular the absence or delay in the response to limited to requests as well as the lack of transparency in terms of the reasons for refusal while the files met the required conditions…

This discriminatory behavior has aroused great outrage among human rights observers and activists, especially since this act constitutes a violation of the right to mobility as stipulated in international conventions and agreements, said the alliance.

In addition, the coalition underlines that its components have obtained several data demonstrating the “discriminatory” aspect of these European diplomatic missions in Morocco with regard to visa applicants. ” It has been confirmed to us that this systematic campaign was launched in a unified period of time and adopted the same tactic to reject the requests, while reiterating the same justifications in its response and doing everything necessary to avoid hear the voices of protest“, she says.

And to add that these consulates ” have ignored the calls and movements of human rights organizations in this regard, including the initiatives launched by the Moroccan League for the Defense of Human Rights and the Moroccan Association for Human Rights“. These two member organizations of the coalition corresponded with various embassies and international institutions concerned with guaranteeing and preserving the right to mobilize, noting that their initiatives resulted in a demonstration organized by the Moroccan Association for Human Rights in front of the headquarters of the European Union delegation in Rabat.

To this end, the Moroccan Coalition has endeavored, after all these militant movements, to send a memorandum to the mission of the European Union on November 18, 2022. The correspondence, which was presented during a symposium held this Thursday, came after having exhausted all efforts to communicate and plead before a number of European consulates, and after the latter had persisted in his abusive and degrading actions towards Moroccan citizens applying for visas to enter the territory of the European Union, which have intensified lately.

Our correspondence and protests have not received due care and attention“, lamented the alliance during the presentation of the letter, adding that “ the ambassador of the European Union, had demonstrated through her answer, on December 24, 2022, that she is satisfied with the work of the European consulates in Morocco and this, despite the flagrant violation of the content of international laws relating to human rights, whether it is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its article 13, or in articles 12 and 13 of the International Covenant on Human Rights. civil and political rights.

We, the Moroccan Coalition of Human Rights Organizations, will not let this opportunity pass without appealing to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, to intervene urgently in order to respect the right of Moroccan citizens to obtain a visa to enter European soil, and to put an end to all harassment and abuse to which they are subjected“, announce the members.

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