Sahrawi Mrabih Ahmed Mahmoud Adda tells how Algeria tortured him

The inhabitants of the Tindouf camps in Algeria are not only subjected to deplorable living conditions, but do not have the right to leave the territory or to express an opinion that disturbs the Polisario under penalty of torture.

The story of Mrabih Ahmed Mahmoud Adda, a Sahrawi from Tindouf opposing the Polisario front, is an example of the terror inflicted on Sahrawis held captive in southern Algeria for nearly five decades to fuel the fake Sahara conflict, hostages of Algerian propaganda to legitimize a terrorist organization for an expansionist plan of Algeria on the territories of southern Morocco.

In an exclusive interview with MoroccoLatestNewsthe Sahrawi activist now living in Mauritania, recounted the horror of a month of torture and abuse he had to endure in Algeria in 2014 for having dared to stand up against the diktats and separatist theses of the Polisario front in the camps from Tindouf.

Captured on the 26th of Ramadan, the Sahrawi was subjected to interrogations from dawn until evening while fasting Ramadan, unable to speak due to thirst.

The former detainee claimed to have been taken to Al Rachid prison which resembles that of Abou Ghraib, claiming that it is the Algerian junta which controls it. “No one canapproach, photograph it or discover its dangerous truth and reveal it to theinternational public opinion»did he declare.

The cell, underground, describes the Sahrawi, was only one meter high and one and a half meters wide, so narrow that he could not guess when the jailer opened it to take him out and torture him.

The Algerian agents and soldiers on the spot shouted at him as soon as he arrived and that the bandage on his eyes be lifted, according to his testimony: “Raise your head you dirty dog»before a flood of insults were addressed to him.

“I told him, pointing to him, you are the National Vandalism Front which caused a million and a half corpses» to provoke it. “My answer in this way cwas for thathe kills me because I knew full well that death would be kinder to me than the torture thatwaitedt and that would lead me to death in the end»he explained, pointing out that several of his friends have experienced this tragic end.

” VSis the same fate that Khalil Ahmed met and many of my friends, relatives and neighbors who were killed by theAlgeria without any responsibility or no control, as if it swas transformed into an angel of death»said Mrabih Ahmed Mahmoud Adda.

On the day of the end of the holy month, the physical abuse began for him with a piece of rotten, insect-infested meat that he was told to eat, he said.

“He m‘covered his eyes and mshot out of my head as II was chained with the chains that maccompanied for two months and four days, and mmade me sit on a chair in front of a team of executioners who began to torture me : insults, humiliations, violence, slaps, kicks in the face»said the Sahrawi anti-polisario activist.

“Jwas subjected to the most severe forms of torture», giving as an example a form of torture that gave him the feeling that his brain was on fire after putting a powerful jet of water in his mouth, until he lost consciousness and threw him in a cell. Torture and abuse repeated every day for two months.

The activist was also hooked and suspended in the air by the hands, or even by the feet, upside down, ” and Dother torture positions»he revealed.

Mrabih Ahmed Mahmoud Adda stressed in his testimony that it was the Algerian authorities who imprisoned and tortured him and that under international pressure from the media and NGOs who discovered and followed his case, they transferred him to the prison of Rabouni at the Polisario who told him to insult Morocco in front of the cameras, a condition for his release.

“They brought a media team to Polisario television, in the presence ofa group of gang leaders, my mother and my wife, and masked to deny in front of the camera everythingthey mhad donearrest, torture, etc. They malso asked me to focus on Morocco and qualify it asenemy, in exchange for my release»he said to explain the conditions of his release.

“Under the pressure, and the pleas and the tears of my mother, II complied. And so II was released»he admitted.

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