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Raja beat Simba Sports Club

Raja de Casablanca won its match against the Tanzanian club Simba Sports Club in Dar Essalam, as part of the second day of the African Champions League.

The Greens won away to Simba Sports Club of Tanzania, thanks to a score of 3-0 in the group stage of the African Champions League, on the lawn of Simba Sports Club of Tanzania.

A first goal scored in the 30th minute by Hamza Khaba, a second by Soufiane Benjdida in the 82nd minute followed by a 3rd goal, in the 86th minute on penalty signed Ismail Mokadem.

They also won their first match against Vipers Sports Club of Uganda by a wide score of 5-0, on the first day, February 10, at the Mohammed V Complex in Casablanca, which allowed them to occupy the head of their group C.

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