No price increase expected

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, assured that the prices of pasta and couscous have not suffered and will not suffer any increase in the months to come.

After a visit on Saturday to a pasta and couscous factory, the minister said that “pasta and couscous have not experienced a price increase during the last six months and all the indicators also show that there will be no increase in the prices of these products in the months to come”.

The visit to one of the pasta and couscous factories equipped with the latest technologies and a diversified stock of products aims to ensure the capacity of the Moroccan industrial and commercial platform to guarantee the Moroccan citizen all his needs in terms of food products with suitable prices, underlined the minister.

For his part, the president of the Moroccan Association of Pasta and Couscous Industries, Hassan Khalil, noted that the sector has a large production capacity and meets the needs of the Moroccan market.

Khalil, in this sense, affirmed that there has been neither rupture of these products nor rise in prices during the last six months, adding that there are also no indicators showing that there will be a price increase.

Morocco has a large production capacity which reaches 700,000 tons, while production amounts to only about 320,000 tons, he noted, emphasizing the efforts to be made to add the margin of remaining additional production.

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