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The researcher Mustafa Antara, has just published his new work entitled “the Amazigh question in Morocco, from institutionalization to constitutionalization”, and prefaced by the academic, Abdellatif Aknouch.

This medium-sized 225-page book covers several topics, including the historical link between the monarchy and the Amazigh question and the evolution of work on the Amazigh question following the constitutionalization of this language.

The book also explains the reasons behind the choice of Tifinagh as the official Amazigh script, the constitutional and institutional tools to be taken into consideration in the management of multilingualism and cultural diversity, in addition to the course that Amazigh has experienced in its formalization process in priority areas and the role of the legislative institution in its inclusion in parliamentary work.

In the preface, Abdellatif Aknouch, academic in political science and history, underlined the unique light that this work brings to the Amazigh question, taking into account the data and the conclusions which are developed there as well as the clarifications introduced in order to contextualize the facts. and the decisions that led to the institutionalization and constitutionalization of Amazigh, as a language, culture and identity.

In the introduction, Antara clarified that this book aims to enrich scientific discussion and political dialogue concerning Amazigh, by presenting the results of the two decades of reign of King Mohammed VI, during which the Amazigh language has undergone “structural changes”. .

According to the author, this interest shown today in the study of Amazigh is only one aspect of the problem of democratization in Morocco. Indeed, the latter is an essential component of the system of cultural and linguistic rights at a time when culture has become one of the essential foundations of democracy and a key indicator for measuring the democracy of actors and institutions.

Moreover, the cover of the book underlined that in Morocco, the Amazigh question was approached according to a multidimensional methodology, considered as a “gentle cultural revolution par excellence”, having enabled the kingdom to lay the necessary constitutional, legislative and institutional bases. dealing with this cultural issue and developing a unique model for managing multilingualism and cultural diversity in North Africa.

Note that Mustafa Antara is the author of several scientific studies on multilingualism and cultural diversity.

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