Morocco consolidates its international rank

The Open Data Watch, ranked Morocco, during its 2022 session, at the 25th position in the world out of 193 countries in terms of Open Data Index (ODIN), a clear improvement compared to 2021 where it was ranked 41st out of 178 countries.

“After its assessment of the level of quality of the data and metadata produced by the High Commission for Planning (HCP) and published through its institutional website (, the Open Data Observatory has classified Morocco in 25th place out of 193 in the Open Data index, a marked improvement compared to the year 2021 when it was ranked 41st out of 178 countries”, indicates the HCP in a press release.

Morocco has also achieved the 7th score in terms of “Coverage”, one of the components of the ODIN index and this, on the basis of the level of sectoral, thematic and territorial coverage of the statistics produced by the HCP, says the same source.

With its new ranking, Morocco maintains its leadership in Africa and is positioned at the forefront of developing and emerging countries and beyond, outclassing several of the most developed countries such as Switzerland, Japan, France, Australia and Italy.

“This performance constitutes a recognition of the international dimension of the quality and diversity of our country’s statistical information as well as the multiplicity and user-friendliness of its dissemination media, driven in particular by the renovation of its institutional website. and its new Statistical Databases, in particular the one known by the acronym BDS and the platform dedicated to indicators on the achievement by our country of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, welcomed the HCP.

It comes in the wake of the regionalized duplications of these statistical databases and the launch of the process of preparing Regional Reports on the SDGs, inaugurated in 2022 in the two regions of Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima and Casablanca-Settat, this which makes Morocco the fifteenth country in the world to have initiated the process of territorialization of the SDGs, underlines the press release.

And to note that the ODIN is a composite index for the evaluation of the websites of the National Institutes of Statistics, developed by the Open Data Observatory, known internationally for its professionalism, its independence and its audience with the Commission. of Statistics of the United Nations to which he regularly presents the results of his work and his report on the evaluation of Open Data on an international scale.

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