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Moroccan exports to China reached their highest level in 2022, with nearly 910 million US dollars against 824 million in 2021, an increase of 9.41%, indicated the Association of Africa-China Cooperation for the Development (ACCAD).

According to data from the General Administration of Chinese Customs, available to the Africa-China Cooperation Association for Development, the volume of trade between Morocco and China in terms of exports to China has reached a record high. nearly 910 million US dollars (909,513,488 DH) compared to 824 million dollars (823,967,026 DH) in 2021, an increase of 9.41%.

With regard to electrical equipment and related industrial products, this category leads exports with an overall value of 526 million dollars (526,169,529 DH), which is equivalent to 57.85% of total exports, mainly comprising integrated circuits, electrical control panels, connectors and transistors, amounting to 443 million dollars (443,800,761 DH).

Mineral exports are, for their part, ranked second in the list, maintaining a constant growth of 240 million dollars (238,894,895) in 2021 and 245 million dollars (245,117,323 DH) in 2022, i.e. 26.95 % of total exports. This concerns in particular copper (nearly 56 MDH), copper and zinc ingots (nearly 24 MDH), raw zinc (about 50 MDH), copper anode for electrolysis (about 23), ore silver (around 15 MDH), lead ore (around 14 MDH), molten copper (12 MDH), aluminum ingots (around 10 MDH) and manganese ore (around 10 MDH).

As for textiles and leather products, this category ranks third, with a value of 76.28 million dollars (76 MDH), or 8.39% of total exports. Textiles amount to 67.29 million dollars (nearly 67 MDH) and leather exports to 1.95 million dollars (about 2 MDH).

In addition, Moroccan agricultural and fisheries exports reached 32.19 million dollars (32 MDH) in 2022, or 3.88% of total exports, including fish oil (nearly 18 MDH), fruits and vegetables (nearly 8 MDH), frozen tuna, squid and other fish and seafood (nearly 6 MDH).

It should be noted that this growth in terms of exports is dependent on the Sino-Moroccan strategic partnership agreement signed in 2019, but also on the vision and initiative of King Mohammed VI targeting the rebound of the national economy impacted by the pandemic crisis and the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

It should be noted that the same Chinese customs administration had revealed that China’s exports to African countries increased by 11.2% during the past year to reach 164.49 billion dollars. During the same period, Chinese imports from Africa totaled $117.51 ​​billion. The rise in the value of Sino-African trade in 2022 also stems from the rise in commodity prices, of which the Asian giant is a major consumer.

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