Lahcen Haddad responds to a "French press" which fuels the crisis

While France rejected the existence of a ” crisis Diplomatic with Morocco Following the vote on a resolution on freedom of the press in Morocco in the European Parliament, the French press, directed and oriented, confirms the hostile maneuvers of certain parties in France against Morocco.

To say that the French press is totally independent is a big lie. A part is in truth totally oriented and directed to serve the interests of certain principals. In an article published Monday by Le Figaroand clearly targeting the Kingdom of Morocco, the daily indicates that “ Belgian justice has transmitted arrest warrants to the French authorities against several Moroccan officials involved in Qatargate, this judicial investigation for alleged corruption into the awarding of the last FIFA World Cup to Qatar “.

The French daily thus quotes a so-called French diplomat who confided to them: “ We are embarrassed. These people have children in France. We wouldn’t like to have to stop them when they got off the plane if they came to see them. These are people we would not like to touch (…) “.

Faced with this succession of unjustified attacks against Morocco, Lahcen Haddad, president of the Morocco-European Union Joint Parliamentary Commission, quickly reacted on his twitter account to the unjustified and incomprehensible remarks of the so-called diplomat quoted by the French media.

How nice! “And now, we warn them like that they don’t come to see their children in France!” “You see the French benevolence towards Morocco, especially since the President is going to go there!” “We don’t want to spoil the party”! Sure, he’s a real diplomat? “, he expressed himself ironically.

But not only ! The president of the Morocco-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee, who recently denounced the biased and offensive resolution of the European Parliament, goes even further in response to a tweet from journalist Georges Malbrunot of Le Figaro, known to be close to the French intelligence services, by wondering if Morocco was still under “French protectorate”, so that Belgium would formulate such a request to France instead of addressing Morocco directly.

And why does Belgian justice ask the French authorities and not the Moroccan authorities? As far as I know the French protectorate of Morocco has indeed ended since 1956. Does she know? Do you know ? “raised Lahcen Haddad.

Since posting the content to Le FigaroMonday, February 13, the reactions were quick to fall.

Either Morocco turns a blind eye to the France-Algeria rapprochement, or France will activate Qatargate against senior Moroccan officials. I remind you that the reduction in visas was above all targeted at Moroccan leaders. Strategy worthy of Pinochet. Congratulations Macron »launches a user.

For his part, the French journalist, Christophe Frot, tweeted: “ According to this diplomat, Moroccans would like a statement from Macron against Algeria before coming to Rabat. Strange no? », he reacted.

For its part, the page For Western Sahara »highlighted the close link between the journalist Georges Malbrunot of Figaro and the DGSE by tweeting: “ As a reminder, Malbrunot was held hostage by ISIS (Islamic State) in Iraq for 4 months and then released later. His connection with the infamous DGSE in France is established and most of his tweets are a message from the French Intelligence Agency “.

Another Internet user published an old video of Emmanuel Macron, during his visit to Lebanon in 2020, who publicly attacked Georges Malbrunot, with the caption: “ In fact since that day in September 2020 when he had his suspenders pulled up by Macron. Eh bah Malbrunot swore never again to commit a misdemeanor to the macronie … more needed that he tell him dsl mom I will not start again “.

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