Jonathan Scott and the proof by nine that Pegasus "is a pipe

In 2021, NGOs such as Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories accused Morocco, without providing any evidence to support their claims, of using the Israeli spyware Pegasus from the company NSO. The espionage charges targeted, according to the organizations, Moroccan journalists and activists including Omar Radi, but also French officials such as the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Today voices are being raised to denounce this infamous campaign against the Kingdom. Therefore Jonathan Scott, computer science PhD student and mobile malware and digital espionage forensics expert who in an academic and empirical research paper titled “Exonerating Morocco-Disproving the Spyware” questions the methodology and conclusions of the “investigation” put forward by Forbidden stories, Amnesty and an influential media group.

In a detailed report, it debunks allegations targeting Morocco over the alleged use of Pegasus spyware. According to the findings of Jonathan Scott, the parties who accused Morocco of espionage, have fabricated these accusations and accuses the parties behind this anti-Moroccan campaign of “lack of sincerity”.

Moreover, the Kingdom has never ceased to ask these organizations to provide technical proof of these accusations, in vain. Jonathan Scott, a published in a tweet, a simple explanation demonstrating how Amnesty was deceiving its people with its accusations.

I asked 9 people to volunteer from eight different countries to test my theory that you can fake a Pegasus infection just by sending yourself a WhatsApp message with a domain that Amnesty has listed. Result: 8 positive infections and 1 not enough memory for backup,” he wrote.

TAll the results showing that the participants became infected simply by following the steps, are available online, with all the information that the participants have agreed to share with journalists and academics around the world for validation, said the cyber expert. security which has made freely available all of its research, its modus operandi to verify the veracity of Amnesty’s accusations.

Suffice to say that the base real scientist to the accusations does not exist and the conclusions of the NGO and all the media machine that it pulls behind it, are not at all accurate due to falsified data. At the analysis of investigations that Amnesty via Forbidden Stories, Pegasus, the Pandora Papers, the Facebook Papers the Uber Files and nowStory killers, he is clearly demonstrated, and supporting evidence, that there is no technical evidence for the charges against Morocco and that the data put forward has been deliberately falsified.

In the process, the National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP) announced that it would receive Jonathan Scott, author of the report for a series of meetings during the week, when the Kingdom comes under fierce attack from these organizations acting as a group.

Also it is knowingly that Amnesty and consorts through the last project dated February 14, the “Story Killers”, another +massive survey+ conducted by Forbidden Stories (based in France in Paris) in collaboration with around a hundred journalists and around thirty press and media outlets including Le Monde, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, ZDF, Haaretz, El País…), has once again embarked on its war against Morocco.

Unfortunately this fine world acting under the baton of the “Paysage Audiovisuel Français” (PAF) is based on fakes fed by Amnesty, Citizen Lab and Forbidden Stories.

We also wonder why thist fierceness towards Morocco each time a survey project is carried out. Latest attack, the Rachid M’Barki affair. This journalist of Moroccan origin, currently suspended by BFM TV, who has worked in this channel since its creation, is very strangely entangled in a scandal for having dared to use the expression “Moroccan Sahara” instead of “Western Sahara”.

He suffered a media lynching as a result of investigations carried out overnight and he was suspected of having been “used” by Team Jorge, a company Israeli founded and run by members of the IDF and Mossad according to the consortium Forbidden Stories. It was Le Monde, as usual, that lit the fuse.

So why attack Morocco once again in this politico-media affair. We are also entitled to wonder why the Forbidden Stories consortium, which wants to be a certified defender of journalism and journalists, does not come to the defense of Rachid M’Barki.

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