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Air Force Commander General Tomer Bar landed yesterday and began his first official visit to Morocco this morning. During the visit, he will meet the Commander of the Moroccan Air Force, General El Abd Bohamid and visit the bases of the Air Force with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the armies.

The Air Force commander will be accompanied by the head of the training department, a lieutenant colonel and other commanders, the official IDF account says.

Bar’s trip came just over a month after the first annual joint defense establishment steering committee with Morocco was held in Rabat, where the two countries agreed to deepen their military ties. . Israel and Morocco will collaborate in the area of ​​intelligence and cybersecurity, and “agreed to further strengthen cooperation and expand it to other areas, including intelligence, air defense and electronic warfare”, the statement said. the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces.

In September 2022, Israel hosted Lieutenant General Belkhir el-Farouk, Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces of Morocco, in Tel Aviv for an international military conference. It was the first time an Arab country’s army chief paid a public visit to the Jewish state.

“Since the resumption of diplomatic relations and the signing of a memorandum of understanding on defence, the parties have deepened and broadened their military and defense ties as well as the field of the defense industry,” said the then. Israeli Ministry of Defense. “The cooperation should continue to develop in the future in the face of common challenges. »

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