Iran, Algeria, Zwelivelile Mandela... the axis of the devil in the Sahara file

The relationship between Algeria, the Polisario, South Africa and Iran is once again confirmed with the Sahara as a shared interest. The grandson of Nelson Mandela, the latest recruit from Algiers to publicize and stir up the troops around the Sahrawi separatist theory, has become the link between these parties who harbor destabilizing desires towards Morocco.

Algeria is currently working hard to attack Morocco and its Sahara by mobilizing its network of lobbyists of MEPs, and within the +InterGroup for Western Sahara+ (Algerian) in the European Parliament.

Movements are taking place outside this sphere with the intensification of relations between the Algerian military regime and Iran, which coincides with the worrying rise of Iranian influence in North and West Africa.

Seeking to destabilize Morocco and provoke a war there that would spread throughout the North African region by arming the Polisario militia through the Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran had been severely reframed by the Kingdom, which responded by suspending its diplomatic relations.

The Iranians have always denied their involvement, however the new shipment of arms to the Polisario terrorists, drones across Algeria, and the recent visit of the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Houceïn Emir Abdoullahyane, to Mauritania, party to the conflict of Sahara, acts the decomplexion of the Iranian regime in relation to its interest in the Sahara, its links with separatism and the promotion of terrorism by playing an active role with anti-Moroccan actors.

This decomplexion of Iran and its links with Algeria can be seen by a new alliance which also includes South Africa now which manifests itself with a common actor, the grandson of Nelson Mandela.

On January 14, Zwelivelile Mandela was thus received by Iranian Foreign Minister Houcein Emir Abdoullahyane, and the vice-president of international affairs of the seat of the judiciary and human rights, Ayatollah Mohammad Hassan Akhtari.

The man who lives on the back of the legend of his patriarch is now linked with Algeria by a pact to promote the polisario and take up the Algerian slogans which say that the Sahara would be the last colony in Africa by playing on the status of non-self-governing territory of the UN when it was Morocco that put it on this list to definitively close the episode of Spanish colonialism.

With a first deposit of $100,000, Little Mandela became an ambassador for Algeria’s lost causes. He thus begins to be sent to travel the world in his capacity as the grandson of Nelson Mandela, with all the baggage that his family name implies, to speak in place of Algiers of the concerns of Algiers.

The idea of ​​involving an external agent under the guise of a “militant” to replace Algeria in the promotion of terrorism by the Algerian state in the region and its expansionist plan, was almost perfect if one does not did not know the dubious CV of the grandson of Nelson Mandela and the axis favored by his country in the conflict of the Sahara.

In Algeria since the start of CHAN, Nelson Mandela’s grandson flew to Tindouf on Tuesday to meet the leader of the Sahrawi separatists, Brahim Ghali, to better immerse himself in the speeches of the Polisario, he who knows nothing about this history if not what Algiers whispered to him.

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