In Gabon, an anti-French campaign is unleashed against the arrival of Macron

In Gabon, campaigns are being organized against an upcoming visit by French President Emmanuel Macron. Gabonese, all political stripes combined, call for an end to French interference in the internal affairs of the country and the abolition of the CFA franc inherited from colonial France.

Anti-France movements begin to spread throughout Africa, rejecting the influence and omnipresence of the former colonist. “No more racism, no more condescension, no more contempt, no more arrogance”, write the Gabonese in capital letters on the images of the campaign against France.

After Mali, Burkina Faso and other African countries wanting to get rid of their colonial heritage and the persisting French paternalism, it is Gabon’s turn to express its dissatisfaction.

On social networks, Gabonese have started an angry campaign against an upcoming visit by the French head of state to their country on the occasion of the “One forest summit”, devoted to forestry issues.

Grouped under the Federation of Citizen and Anti-French Movements of Gabon, anti-France messages are making their voices heard.

Internet users have planned to ring the pots and declare a “dead city” in Libreville for the occasion, in order to express their rejection of the French presence during this two-day summit scheduled for March 1 and 2.

The campaign focuses on aspects directly related to the heritage of France in Gabon. The protesters demand the closure of the military base of the 6th bima, the marine infantry battalion, a unit of the French army, created on December 1, 1975 and garrisoned in Libreville.

They call for the definitive abolition of the use of the CFA Franc, as a currency, a heritage of France, and demand the non-interference of Paris in the internal affairs of Gabon.

Colorful posters against President Macron’s visit are being shared in large numbers on social media ahead of the Summit. “No to Macron coming to Gabon! No to the One Foutaise Summit”, they exclaim.

In their viewfinder, the condescending ways of France vis-à-vis Gabon. The message is clear: “The sovereign Gabonese people demand” a recalibration of relations through their cries of anger.

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