Hiba, 16, missing since February 4, her family fears the worst

Hiba, a 16-year-old high school student from the city of Salé, has been missing since the morning of Saturday February 4. We haven’t seen her since leaving the Abou Bakr El Kadiri high school in Salé.

Without news of a young girl for more than ten days, the family fears the worst, especially since no concrete clue has been detected. A relationship with social networks could prove to be a lead, and access to the teenager’s personal account could be the key to this mystery.

Joined by MoroccoLatestNews UK, Ikram, Hiba’s sister, tells us that her family waited all day on February 4 for Hiba to come home, thinking she was just late at a friend’s house or had gone to a friend’s house , and that she was going to come right after. But at nightfall, the family, the concern swelled and his family preferred to warn the police, especially since it was not in his habits.

After notifying the police, Hiba’s family asked to see the surveillance videos installed on Boulevard du Lycée Abou Bakr El Kadiri, something that was accepted by the authorities recently, according to the girl’s sister. But still no leads to find the girl.

The problem we found was with those around him and his classmates. No one wanted to give us concrete information. Besides, she had a very superficial relationship with her comrades. But what we didn’t like was that they didn’t give us time to tell us some details that could help us or a clue that could help us find it.“, tells us Ikram, who clarifies that his sister did not have a close friend in high school who could possibly tell them if she had any problem.

Regarding Hiba’s character, Ikram tells us that his sister is a normal girl, who had good grades in class, and had no problems with anyone.

So far, we don’t know the causes behind his disappearance. Did she have a conflict with someone and didn’t want to tell us about it. Especially since recently, she was isolated, and very distant. She didn’t tell us anything“, raises the sister.

After Hiba disappeared, family and friends mobilized to find her. » We looked everywhere, in Rabat and Salé. We also asked at bus and train stations. But in vain “, she specifies.

In addition, Ikram told us that his sister had consulted his Facebook account just before his disappearance. “According to a classmate, Hiba borrowed her phone to check her Facebook account. And she was apparently terrified, she was even shaking,” she says, which is why the family is demanding access to their Facebook account so they can access the conversations and have at least one clue that could get them to the girl.

We are currently in constant contact with the competent authorities regarding the disappearance of my sister. They are very responsive and do their best to find her. We just want her to come home safe and sound“, concludes the younger sister.

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