Hezbollah-Posario's belligerent connections revealed by I24NEWS

An exclusive investigation, by the international audiovisual news channel of the Altice group I24NEWS, revealed the funding networks of the Polisario Front and its links with Hezbollah. Broadcast in its Defense magazine program, presented by Matthias Inbar, the program relied on notes from intelligence agencies and reports from the Spanish Civil Guard.

This investigation is inspired by an article from the famous German daily Die Welt which had published, on Friday January 27, sensational revelations about the “Hawala method”. Hawala is an occult financial system “sponsored” by Iran and which through its cherub, Hezbollah, makes it possible to finance, from Europe, terrorism in the world, including in Algeria and in the Sahel through the movement Polisario separatist.

The investigation revealed the identity of those responsible for financing the Polisario Front and explained the mechanisms via the “Hawala Tirs”, an informal fund transfer network. During the report, bank accounts in Ireland and Spain as well as various money laundering networks to Europe and beyond. In addition, the international channel i24NEWS was able to demonstrate the existence of close links between the separatist and terrorist movement of the Polisario which already benefits from the Algerian charity of the senile regime of Algiers and the Lebanese Shiite organization of Hezbollah.

A video recording shows the meeting between one of the leaders of the “Hawala Tirs”, which finances the Polisario, and a Lebanese businessman from the “Qard El Hassan”, a Hezbollah money laundering network. But that’s not a scoop! It is well known that the terrorists of Polisario fills the coffers by feeding on illegal circuits of money laundering in addition to questionable aid and support granted here and there, including its main sponsor Algiers.

And then, who better than Hezbollah to allow it to gorge itself in full view of the international community. Because whoever says the latter says Iran, that goes without saying. In return, Hezbollah and its sponsor Iran use the Polisario to circumvent the Western sanctions which narrow the circuits of financing.

The magazine Defense broadcast on I24NEWS, therefore revealed, in a report, how the Polisario terrorists, operating from Tindouf in Algeria, had organized a huge illegal money laundering network based in Spain. This is “the Hawala”, an informal network for transferring funds from one place to another through brokers. Defense was able to access a Western intelligence agency report written by financial investigators, as well as Spanish Guardia Civil reports that identify the mastermind of the operations as Ahmed Abderrahman.

At the head of Hawala “Tirs”, he is very close to the leaders of the Polisario Front and organizes networks from Tindouf to Europe and well beyond. With the help of his associate, a man named “Azman Mohamed Mahamedu”, he founded an illegal exchange office which serves as a front for the money laundering network intended for the occult funds of the Polisarian cartel. The members of the latter simply create bank accounts, mainly Spanish, through which pass huge sums that end up in the Tindouf camps and unfortunately in the wrong pockets.

The magazine Defense gave exclusive examples of several bank accounts opened in Spain and Ireland and their networks. Above all, it will broadcast a video revealing the very close ties that bind the Hawala “Tirs” to the Polisario Front and to Hezbollah. In this one, we see and hear Ahmed Abderrahman, seated at a café terrace in a European country, who meets a Lebanese businessman from the qard El hassan of the Hezbollah money laundering network which never stops not dislodge with regard to the latter.

During this report, Matthias Inbar, presenter of “Défense”, (every Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. (GMT+1) on i24NEWS), had an interview with a former Israeli intelligence agent, who adamantly asserts that Hezbollah is “a terrorist organization”. He further indicated that Hezbollah and Iran used the Polisario financial networks to carry out suspicious and dubious activities, such as the financing of terrorism, Proximity to terrorist groups in the Sahel, radicalization, embezzlement of humanitarian funds, recourse to “dirty money” (drug trafficking, human trafficking… It is high time to include the Polisario on the list of terrorist organizations.

Iran is an open secret through Lebanese Hezbollah arms the Polisario and according to I24NEWS, it has already delivered air-to-ground missiles and drones. This is not from today. Also it is not for nothing that Morocco had broken its diplomatic relations with Iran. Do not look for the why of the thing very far, already at the time Hezbollah and well before the rupture, brought its military support to the polisario supported historically by Algeria.

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