Halieutis show: "very positive" results

The president of the Association du Salon Halieutis, Amina Figuigui, said on Sunday that the 6th edition of the Salon, held in Agadir from February 1 to 5, achieved “very positive results”, with nearly 50,000 visitors from different cities of the Kingdom.

The 2023 edition received “nearly 50,000 visitors, a very significant figure which once again confirms the strong and strategic positioning of the Show at national and international level”, she said in a statement to the press.

Also Director General of the National Fisheries Office (ONP), Ms. Figuigui said that the Show was attended by 340 exhibitors from 49 countries, representing all continents, including players in the field of maritime fishing. and the processing of seafood products, welcoming this remarkable attendance, proof of the place of choice of this international event, despite a four-year stoppage, she underlined.

The 6th edition was an opportunity for visitors, professionals, investors and the public to discover trades, activities and services in the field of fishing and aquaculture, she continued, noting that this year highlighted, in particular, innovative technologies with high added value for the enhancement and sustainable development of these chains.

It was also marked by a rich program of meetings and conferences highlighting the advantages of the maritime fishing sector, the promotion of the blue economy and the promotion of progress in science, technology and innovation for support the sustainable development of the sector, added Ms. Fuguigui, highlighting the great interaction between the participants in these conferences.

Placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the 6th edition of the Halieutis Fair was held at the exhibition center of the city of Agadir under the theme “Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture: levers for an inclusive and efficient blue economy », with Spain as guest of honour.

The organization of this major event reflects the importance of the fisheries sector in the national economic fabric. Indeed, the national fish production totaled in 2022 a volume of 1.55 million tons, thus placing the Kingdom at the forefront of African producers and in 14th place worldwide.

National production as well as total exports of maritime fishing products recorded an increase of 10 and 13% respectively in 2022 compared to 2021, despite the decision of the supervisory ministry to cancel the fishing campaign. summer for the octopus fishery south of Boujdour and to impose in this zone a biological rest period of more than 8 months, in order to allow the reconstitution of stocks which have shown a significant decline.

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