Ghita Mezzour takes stock of the simplification of administrative procedures

Investment is the engine of socio-economic growth and the simplification of its administrative procedures will make Morocco a more attractive destination, said Thursday the Minister Delegate in charge of the digital transition and the reform of the administration. .

Speaking during the press briefing following the meeting of the Government Council, Ghita Mezzour, Minister Delegate in charge of digital transition and administrative reform, gave an update on the work of the third meeting of the National Commission for Simplification of Administrative Procedures, which was chaired, Monday in Rabat, by the Head of Government.

The Minister recalls the approval of the simplification of 22 administrative decisions relating to investments, which represent ” the procedures most frequently used by investors“. This project reflects the great importance that the government attaches to the investment sector given that ” it is the engine of socio-economic growth and also the one that creates job opportunities for young people and Moroccans in general“, she added.

Over the past few months, the Ministry of Administrative Reform has worked with its partners, in particular the regional investment centres, and has been able to identify 22 administrative procedures, explains the minister. ” We have applied Law 55-19 relating to the simplification of administrative procedures, and we have deleted certain unjustified documents“, says Mezzour.

In order to achieve this, ” we have conducted tours in 12 regions of the Kingdom, and each time we meet employees to explain and clarify these simplifications and how to use them, while answering their questions“, with the aim of accelerating the activation of this project, specifies the minister.

This is a great achievement and these simplifications will further improve the business climate. It is a continuous workshop to which His Majesty the King attaches great importance“, concludes Mezzour.

It should be remembered that it was during the meeting that the Minister presented the results of the implementation of this law, thus reducing the documents required for investors by 45%, 60% of the documents required concerning the admissibility of investment, as well as 50% of the documents required for the mobilization of land, 33% of the documents required for building permits and 45% of the documents required for operating licenses.

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