four candles and few teeth against tyranny

Four years have passed since the first wave of peaceful Hirak demonstrations (February 22, 2019) and the climate has continued to darken and harden in Algeria.

Today at the occasion of the celebration of its fourth anniversary, it is clear that this shaking of Algerian society like never before for six decades, is gradually extinguished by the power of a tyranny of a senile regime and what is more, badly elected who watches over the grain.

The protest, however, continues to simmer and if it is not visible internally or the repression is boiling, which testifies to a worrying state drift, the collectives of Algerian citizens outside their country have taken over and are organizing support meetings here and there, around the world, as was the case this weekend in Paris. Indeedf in Algeria the government has succeeded in muzzling political protest with intimidation, arrests and bans, dissenting voices are not lacking in the diaspora.

The atmosphere in this “new” Algeria wanted by the Algerian president with an unpronounceable name has, so to speak, become unbreathable for the Algerian citizen. THE country is in full authoritarian drift. Those who have displayed themselves too much and more particularly those who have continued the fight after the breathlessness of the popular mobilization that began in the spring of 2020, Dame Covid and its restrictions oblige, have no other choice than exodus, exile. … or jail. It is the institutionalization of arbitrariness and social killing.

The senile regime of the capos of Algiers can now sing victory. A victory that he owes to the double windfall he received. The Covid crisis allowed him to ban gatherings, all good to extinguish social protest. As for the conflict in Ukraine, this has boosted the prices of hydrocarbons, giving it a breath of fresh air which allows it to temporarily buy social peace.

For the senile regime of Algiers, which incidentally rubs its hands on it, the time is over for “the populace” where all hopes were allowed with regard to good-natured, peaceful and disciplined demonstrations. Algerian citizens were united by a collective pride and marched en masse, walking the streets of the country’s towns and villages dreaming of a new independence and defying power and military rule, twice a week (Tuesday, student day and Friday mobilization general). Today we are disenchanted, the khaki has gradually regained the advantage. The corporals of Algiers have slowly and surely tightened the security grip around this Hirak movement, which has become by force of circumstance and of power impotent and incapable of organizing itself.

It’s that it’s “no way” with the two senile Muppets Show made in Algeria. Ihe Algerian opponent, Amira Bouraoui, since her misadventure in Tunisia knows a lot about the choice of this equation with zero unknowns, so simple and so painful at the same time, “prison or exile”. And if she gets off lightly in the end, others have not been so lucky. They are thousands to have exiled themselves in France and elsewhere in Europe, or in Canada or even the United States and look! even in Morocco, Tunisia in the affair having become rather dangerous since Algiers has totally reinforced its influence there and Kaïs Saïed of its maids has submitted.

Today in Algeria, the regime of the capos after cleaning up dissent, is working to muzzle everything that moves in the media and NGOs. En recently suppressing one of the last organizations still active in the defense of rights, the Algerian government is tipping the country into arbitrariness and the risk of state violence. As regards the crime of opinion, they are more than three hundred prisoners to taste straw and locks from the jails in Algeria.

We spare you the sealing one way or another of the local media and we can only sympathize to see a jewel of Algerian journalism El Watan in this case, walking in step if one can say so. The media field in Algeria is, so to speak, devastated or at least it is constantly getting poorer. It is obvious, the “new” Algeria has the particularity of having fallen into another era, that of repression all the time. The senile regime of Algiers in its security escalation is entering a dictatorial phase like never before.

This is characterized by the calling into question of pluralism, the political instrumentalization of the accusation of terrorism internally and of this eternal enemy from the outside to deal with the most urgent in order to bring the population to heel and extinguish in the bud any dissenting inclination. Moreover, more than ever, the regime is more and more openly militarized, hence the political context marked by militarization and an assumed conservative chauvinism, as it is well known that in Algeria the army does not govern, but decides everything and nothing, quite simply.

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