Forbidden Stories and the hidden face of a French press in all its states

“Story Killers”, is a massive investigation carried out by Forbidden Stories in collaboration with a hundred journalists and thirty press and media organizations including Le Monde, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, ZDF, Haaretz, El Country…. For months, this beautiful world has been conducting a massive investigation into “disinformation” in this context, the results of which are only beginning to appear.

This is the fifth “big project” of this “consortium” if we can call it that, after Pegasus, Pandora Papers, Facebook Papers and Uber Files. Story Killers is published as an occasional series, the first episode of which appeared on February 14, 2023. For months, the organization Forbidden Stories based in Paris, of his project ” Story Killers reveals that journalism is in crisis, and that information, influence and ethics are bought everywhere in the world.

In France, for example, journalists from BFM TV and of Current values are accused of having manipulated information on behalf of foreign companies. Except that they do not support their words or writings and that they often stumble by telling the truth which suits them or suits their partners. Through these two media or at least through the journalist Rachid M’Barki, it goes without saying that Morocco is the target. Oddly enough, only the French press pulls out all the stops to denigrate the Kingdom.

We saw it with Pegasus, these media in need of front pages, have never been able to prove anything capable of attesting to the guilt of the Kingdom, if not a lesser involvement. Today, as voices begin to rise to denounce this charade of media campaign, Forbidden Stories gives a layer, reassembled in this by the French Audio Landscape (PAF).

Jonathan Scott, computer security specialist in Texas (United States) in the process of publishing a white paper “Exonerating Morocco”, protested against Forbidden Stories.

“Forbidden Stories wrote a flashy article about my colleague, attorney Irinia Tsukerman. She campaigns to bring the truth to the world and Forbidden Stories fears the impact her work could have, exposing their misinformation campaign.” he said.

And warn: “Forbidden Stories, change is coming”. Then pointing to John Scott-Railton, researcher at Citizen Lab, based in Toronto who posted a tweet attacking Irina Tsukerman, an American “human rights lawyer”. Scott will in turn tweet on his account: “The fact that the propaganda chief of +Citizen lab+ is talking about her proves that she is doing a good job. When you are mentioned by the opposition, it means you have broken down their walls and deeply disrupted their disinformation campaign..

Disinformation indeed, because when Le Figaro advances to defend the European Parliament that Moroccan luminaries are targeted by arrest warrants, we quickly understand that this political and media conspiracy of the PAF against the Kingdom is indeed remotely controlled. We will spare you Arte, we don’t tell you about the firebrand of Dame Marianne lately who has put all hers or the eternal daily mazarinades of Le Monde as well as the others. Unfortunately, all of them, without exception, cannot substantiate the slightest charge against Morocco.

To wonder what France is looking for? We understand if need be that she can defend her interests in Africa, but she must understand that the period of the colonizer’s helmet which she formerly wore is over. No need to be divine to understand that there is conspiracy material there. A machination by the “French” press interposed.

But who is responsible for all of this? In journalistic parlance, no secrets, “exclusive” information and investigations have their sources in the security apparatus. France is no exception. The intelligence is the property of these two entities and both use it according to their agendas. Except that there we are entitled to ask who benefits from the crime?

Coming to sing to us, once again, that Morocco would be involved “Story Killers” obliges, in the so-called shenanigans of the Israeli company called “Team Jorge” is a refrain that we have already heard through Pegasus. Team Jorge, founded and run by members of the Tsahal and the Mossad according to the Paris-based consortium, is said to have whispered in the ear of Rachid M’Barki, “Sahara Marocain”. But the Sahara is Moroccan as much as Louis XIV was the Sun King, that cannot be erased.

If it is said that to accompany its campaigns on social networks, Team Jorge has manipulated the media, it is not the only one. The Valeurs Actuelles information site is just as concerned. This time it’s another Israeli company specializing in influence and disinformation operations like Team Jorge, but called Percepto.

Who’s next ?

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