Exports up 39% at the end of January

THE Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, indicated that THEs exports of handicraft products experienced exceptional growth during the month of January 2023 with a value of 95 million dirhams (MDH).

This development, specifies the department of Fatim-Zahra Ammor, represents a growth of 39% compared to the same month of 2022 and 72% compared to the same period of 2019.

Four product families stand out abroad

Four product families distinguished themselves in this first month of the year. These are Pottery, Carpets, Basketry and Traditional Clothing, which took 82% of global exports, with respective shares of 39%, 23%, 11% and 9%.

In terms of development, two product families have been very successful, led by Brassware, which grew 4 times more than in January 2022, and Wood, with an increase of 140%.

Notable and continued performance of the United States of America

In terms of demand markets, the USA advanced by 9 points, thus realizing a share of 44%, and maintaining its position at the top of the countries importing Moroccan handicrafts. They also mark a very good evolution of around 79% year-on-year.

France occupies the 2nd position with a share of 15%, and an increase of 32% compared to January 2022, followed closely by the Arab countries with a share of 9% in export turnover and a 29% increase.

Casablanca still tops exit points

In terms of shares in the overall export turnover, it is still Casablanca which predominates, with a share of 52%, followed by Marrakech in 2nd position (20%) and Fez in 3rd position (12% ).

However, in terms of cities of registration of export players, Marrakech comes first with a share of 44%.

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