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Following multiple earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria earlier this week, the European Union (EU) has announced that it will provide an additional €6.5 million in emergency aid to the two countries through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and emergency humanitarian aid.

This is part of one of the EU’s largest search and rescue operations under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, involving more than 1,500 rescuers and 10 search dogs, as well as medical teams deployed in affected areas of Turkey, said a statement from the EU Delegation in Morocco.

Yanez Lenakić, European Commissioner for Crisis Management, plans to visit the areas affected by Turkey on Thursday, as part of the coordination of the EU response.

In Syria, the country’s authorities have requested the activation of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism. The request is for search and rescue teams, shelters and medicine.

The European Union Emergency Response Coordination Center (ERCC) communicates with EU Member States and the United Nations to respond immediately to those in Syria most in need.

The UNHCR also announced an initial emergency humanitarian aid of 3.5 million euros to Syria in order to facilitate the access of the most affected populations to shelter, water and food. sanitation and the various medical supplies they currently need, as well as to support search and rescue operations.

The EU should also adapt its projects with its existing humanitarian partners to respond to the crisis by supporting damaged medical facilities with medical equipment, providing food and shelter and repairing damaged infrastructure.

As for Turkey, following Ankara’s request to activate the EU Civil Protection Mechanism on Monday, 20 EU members, in addition to Albania, Montenegro and Serbia , have already provided 31 search and rescue teams and 5 medical teams through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The teams are made up of more than 1,500 rescuers and 100 search and rescue dogs.

Turkey has also requested shelter through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Germany, Lithuania and Slovenia have responded to the request for blankets, tents and heaters, while UNHCR will also provide initial emergency assistance of €3 million to bolster relief efforts. intervention in the country.

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