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Loft Art Gallery organized, on Thursday evening in Casablanca, the Group Show XYZt exhibition bringing together three artists of the same generation who redefine and revisit space-time together.

Nassim Azarzar, Othmane Bengebara and Morran Ben Lahcen are the stars of the XYZt Group Show which takes place from February 2 to 28 at the Loft Art Gallery in Casablanca.

The exhibition will highlight the works of Nassim Azarzar, an artist who develops research around imagery, even popular imaginations by exploring their different forms, occurrences and representational devices in a Moroccan context.

For several years, he has been developing an ongoing project called “Bonne route” dealing with decorative practices applied to trucks transporting goods between the port cities of Tangier, Casablanca and Agadir in particular and the Moroccan villages of the Atlas and the Rif. Azarzar’s aesthetic research revolves around decorative arts, painting, drawing, sculpture and experimental cinema.

As for Othmane Bengebara, the architect and conceptual artist, in 2012 he exhibited his first works at the Wuho Gallery in Los Angeles. Since 2018, her work has been oriented towards an artistic practice. It allows him to explore and experiment with his concepts in space. It approaches the minimalist line and expresses itself through a poetic and contemplative vision.

His work is polarized around the square, a referent and repetitive element, like a basic unit for constructing space. A shape imbued with meaning and representing the pretentious attempt at perfection. His work is interested in developing a simple conceptual axis: “Life is a succession of days and nights. »

Regarding Morran Ben Lahcen, born in 1982 in Tahanouat, the artist is part of the avant-garde of contemporary artists while remaining very attached to his Moroccan roots without however getting bogged down in them. Self-taught, he first made his way through the artistic landscape in the sandstone of street art. Success and recognition quickly followed. But Morran wants to explore other lands, again refusing to find himself stamped only “graffiti artist”.

We can probably see, in his works, the influence of his experience with an obsession with passing time and the memory to maintain. So many other existential questions are at the origin of the abstraction and the aestheticism of his works.

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