CAN 2025 and the chances of Morocco! even Algeria believes in it

Morocco, Algeria, Zambia and the Nigeria-Benin duo are fighting over the organization of the 35th African Cup of Nations, which should take place in 2025. For now, the ball is in the Confederation’s court. African Football. The announcement of the allocation initially scheduled for February 10 would have been postponed for the month of March. We are therefore in the home straight for this legendary “and the winner is…”

According to “indiscretions” and other theories of pseudo specialists, who say they are at the forefront of the info, it is Morocco and Algeria to a lesser degree, who are going to organize it. Well, there are rumors from the Eastern side of Eden that it was awarded by CAF to the Kingdom. And you know what ? It is said that it is because of anteriority. Indeed, Algeria organized the CAN in 1990 while Morocco hosted it in 1988. This is therefore what would have made the difference in the choice of CAF.

But in reality if this is the case, we all know it, the truth is elsewhere. The examples of failures of Algeria are innumerable and overwhelm it. We have seen this during the previous events it has organised, how the demonstrations took place, expulsion of journalists, politicization of sport in general and football in particular, refusal to welcome participating countries, violence on the part of the public, invasion of the field with regard to selections, discriminatory songs… and we’ll give you green and unripe ones.

Also if Morocco has a great chance and the honor of organizing the 35th CAN, the “anteriority” could in no way weigh in the balance for the final decision-making, that the senile of Algiers be reassured.

It will be because in sports and other areas, the Kingdom does not need anyone to continue its impressive development and this, with supporting evidence. The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) to limit ourselves to this aspect, is slowly and surely asserting itself as the first footballing power on the continent, and multiplying the competition organizations is no longer a challenge to be met but a and indeed a duty and an obligation towards Africa.

Today it turns out that the CAN 2025 is a goal to achieve as was at the beginning of February, the prestigious Club World Cup, which he organized.

This is only the logical continuation of a work of continuity of the work carried out by the FRMF for years. Since the arrival of President Faouzi Lekjaa at the head of the latter in 2014, the Kingdom has decided to accelerate the development of its football started by its predecessors.

Also, to establish itself as a solid reference in Africa, this requires investment in training, technicians, coaches, referees, players, managers… by privileging human capital well before infrastructures which have nothing to envy to d others in the world of which the Mohammed 6 Academy is a flagship and we pass you the large stadiums and other fields, training centers that flourish here and there across the country.

We stand for international recognition only with this statement by FIFA President Gianni Infantino before the semi-finals of the Mundialito: “If we didn’t have full and complete confidence, we wouldn’t be here in Morocco to organize a Club World Cup. Morocco had already organized it twice, but this one is on another level. For the success of this competition, it was crucial that Morocco did its job. And he did it very well”.

But the FRMF at who should logically return the continent’s flagship competition, the CAN does not have to demonstrate its know-how in this area. The women’s CAN last year is still there in our memories, it was a success, which made CAF president Patrice Mostepe say: “It is a very big success. I am proud of the stadiums and high-level football facilities available to Morocco and which have been made available to the twelve selections in the running”.

Now, the licensed barker of the capos of Algiers, Hafid Derradji, will have console himself by saying that this story of the CAN 2025 had been folded since last July, and that the CAF had granted it to him even before announcing the withdrawal of the organization from Guinea. See it as pretty blah blah because the truth is different and it is in the attitude and behavior of a country that wanted to be “as big as beef”.

It is only fair that it is therefore granted to Morocco where all its citizens without exception are impatiently awaiting this decision which would confirm, if necessary, that the Kingdom IS the benchmark for African football, no offense to the side .

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